How We Lost Our Jobs?

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In October 2003, doctors discovered that Steve Jobs had a pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor. Doctor said that Jobs was lucky because it had been detected so early, and it could be removed before it spread all around his body. At that time, he didn’t wanted doctors to open his body, so he tried to see if something else would work such as strict vegan diet, acupuncture, herbal remedies, and other alternative techniques. He ignored doctor suggestions.
In June 2004, a CAT scan revealed that the tumor had grown and perhaps increased. Jobs realized he couldn’t successfully will his own cancer treatment. His surgery in July 2004 involved a modified Whipple procedure, removing part of the pancreas; but the problem was that it wasn’t a cure. Doctors found that the cancer spread to three spots on his liver during the operation. Even though Jobs was not cured, he told everyone that he had been cured. He also said that he had surgery and he that he was fine.
Since he was a young boy, Steve Jobs had trained extraordinarily. His schedule involved fasting, and he would go on obsessive diets. Jobs went against doctors’ orders with his eating habits. This has created another problem for him, because the stomach needs enzymes to digest and absorb all the nutrients. This made it harder for him, after his pancreatic surgery, to get enough protein that he needed. The standard of care is to have regular meals, and a diet with a variety of proteins from meats, fish, and milk. As Isaacson points out, Jobs had never done this, and he never would.
In 2008, when Jobs and his doctors knew that cancer was spreading, he was losing a lot of weight and was in much pain. This was partly because his appetite was reduced because of cancer and morphine, partly because he insisted on the same restrictive diets and fasts he’d trained himself since he was a teenager, and partly a result of…...