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Labour market
The nominal market in which workers find paying work, employers find willing workers, and wage rates are determined.
Labour markets may be local or national (even international) in their scope and are made up of smaller, interacting labour markets for different qualifications, skills, and geographical locations. They depend on exchange of information between employers and job seekers about wage rates, conditions of employment, level of competition, and job location.
Madras Rubber Factory, popularly known as MRF, is a major tyre manufacturing company located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The name was later changed as "Manorama Rubber Factory". MRF is mainly involved in making vehicle tyres. It is India's largest tyre manufacturing company, and among the dozen largest worldwide. It exports to more than 65 countries.MRF is the sister concern of the leading malayalam daily "Malayala Manorama".The founder of the MRF, Mr.K.M.Mammen Mappilai was the brother of late Mr.K.M.Mathew, ex-chief editor of "Malayala Manorama"
Natural rubber is produced primarily in three countries: * Thailand * Malaysia * Indonesia
A leader in the category MRF holds the No.1 position for the last 21 years. Established as toy-balloon manufacturing company in 1946 by KM Mammen Mappillai, MRF quickly emerged as the leading maker of tread rubber. Since then, the company hasn't looked back. The fact that it is the first tyre company in India to reach a turnover of 5000 Crores is testament to its dominance of the industry
MRF offers a whole host of services to its customers, ranging from helping them pick the tyre of their choice to helping them maintain their vehicle.
T & S
MRF T&S is a one stop shop for a unique tyre shopping experience. An experience that's fun and enjoyable for the whole family. T&S stocks the entire range of

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