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Hrm 531 Week 6


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Team A Reflection Week 6
Amanda Mitchell, Anton McArthur, Carol Joseph, Henry Green, Ivan Irizarrio, Stanley Scott, Vishwas Dave
HRM 531
December 3, 2015
Dr. Martha Stanislas

Team A Reflection Week 6
Employees are the most valuable asset to any organization; without the employees the business cannot run. More importantly, employees are a reflection of the company’s image, so selecting the right individuals will determine how well the company will do. Atwood and Allen Consulting firm has brought in Team A to provide the recommendations for the Recruitment and Selections Strategies Plans for Landslide Limousine Company, Clapton Commercial Construction Company, and Bollman Hotel Chain. The Plans will include the organizational goals, forecasted demographic changes, an analysis of the projected workforce needs for the next five years, workforce diversity objectives, methods for recruiting and screening candidates, interview methods and process considerations, and methods for selecting candidates.
Landslide Limousines
Recruiting and selecting the right candidate is an overwhelming process for a startup small business. “Job recruitment and selection practices represent a prerequisite for companies aiming for competitive and skilled employees” Zaharie, M., & Osoian, C. (2013). Once again, Bradley Stonefield has offered Team A Consultants the ultimate occasion to interact by drawing for Landslide Limousines his recruitment and selection strategies.
Organizational Goals
Following the details stated in the past weeks by Mr. Bradley Stonefield, the goals for his limousine business has stayed unchangeable. He would like to build a high class limousine company in Austin, Texas called Landslide Limousines. Landslide Limousines requires 25 employees, with an anticipated revenue of -$50,000 in the first year. The company expects also a yearly revenue growth of 5%, and

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