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Identifying Good or Bad Statements
Anit Maharjan
Meghan Roehll
Franklin University
4th April, 2013

a. Nobody in the world today is really good. Yes, I have heard of good people, but not really good people. - Good statement. b. The world is not flat.
Well, if you look at a map it is: - in what point of view - bad statement. c. I will need an extended period of laborious cogitation to assimilate the missive.
This doesn't make any sense - bad statement. d. The number 2 is odd.
Are we talking about an even number? I believe your confusion comes from the fact that 2 is a prime number, but it is still even. It is the only even number that is prime – false statement. e. If you believe in evolution, then your ancestors were filthy apes.
There are two kinds of people in the world: - one is god prayer and the next is science believer. If you support the statement from the point of scientific theory of evolution by Darwin, then yes our ancestors are filthy apes, whereas if you think form the side of god’s prayer then the statement is false – good statement. f. Some swans are black. In this statement, I am not sure that some swans are black or not, all swans could be black or white – good statement. g. If you are a human, then you are a person. If you are an individual, then you are alive.
Human is a person and of course the person becomes an individual and every individual breaths. This is universal truth and no one can prove it wrong - good statement. h. The Surgeon General has determined that drinking is bad for pregnant women.
There are different types of beverages to drink: - water, tea, coffee and alcohol. What kind of drinking is bad for pregnant women? – Bad statement. i. The world is flat. And because it is flat it is not carbonated.
The world cannot be compared to carbonated, in fact the world is flat and it is universal truth. In what sense you can say the world is flat because it is not carbonated - bad statement. j. The world is flat.
If you look at map, the world is flat. Even many scientists have proved that world is flat- good statement.

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