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Summer Internship Project Report
Submitted towards Partial
Of Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Approved by AICTE, Govt. of India)
Academic Session
2011 – 2013

This is to certify that Abhinav Prakash, student of PGDM (Full time) 2011-2013 batch, IMS GHAZIABAD, has exceuted his project in finance under my supervision and guidance .
During the project execution he was found to be very sincere and attentive to small details, which were discussed with him.
I wish him good luck and success in his future studies and endeavor.

The PGDM program is well structured and integrated course of business studies .The main objective of practical training at PGDM level is to develop skill in student by supplement to the theoretical study of business management in general.
Industrial exposure helps to gain real life knowledge about the industrial environment and business practices. The PGDM provides student with a fundamental knowledge of business and organizational functions and activities, as well as an exposure to strategic thinking of management.
In every professional course, training is an important factor. Professors give us theoretical knowledge of various subjects in the college but we are practically exposed of such subjects when we get the training in the organization. It is only the training through which I come to know that what an industry is and how it works.
Training is an integral part of PGDM and each and every student has to undergo the training for two months and half months in a company and then prepare a project report on the same after the completion of training.
During this whole training in INDIABULLS, I got a lot of experience and came to know about the management practices in real that how it differs from those of theoretical knowledge and the practical in the real life.
In present market scenario, where cutthroat competition is prevailing in the market, theoretical knowledge is not sufficient. Beside the one needs to have practical knowledge, which would help an individual in his/her carrier activities and it is true that ‘Experience is the best Teacher’.


I hereby like the opportunity to express my profound sense of reverence and gratitude to all of them who have helped me in the successful completion of this training. It was privilege for me to work with INDIABULLS HOUSING FINANCE LIMITED, GUARGAON during the summer training.
My project was STUDY ON BUILDER MARKET & HOME LOAN PROCESS REVIEW. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Mr. DHIRAJ BATRA (AVP) my industry mentor Mr. MADHUR ARORA & Mr. Md. ZIYAUL HAQUE for their guidance and valuable support rendered to me in solving my problems and difficulties that I faced in completion of this task on such a varied and interesting subject.
I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude towards the MANAGEMENT and FACULTY of for their help and support in completion of my project.
However I take responsibility of all my shortcomings.

Abhinav Prakash

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Executive Summary
Indiabulls is one of the fastest growing groups in the country today with interests in a wide gamut on industries varying from financial services to power generation. Started in the year 2000 it has grown into a multi product, multi location operation with presence in over 500 locations and a net-worth of Rs 3500 Cr. Indiabulls financial services Ltd, established in 2006-07 is the fastest growing NBFC in India.
Indiabulls is essentially engaged in providing financial services in equity, derivatives and debt markets. The company's other financial services include distributorship of insurance products, mutual fund advisory, depository for listed shares, equity research and other non banking financial services. The company operates through a network of 170 branches spread across the 87 cities in the country.
Brokerage business (both online as well as offline) accounts for nearly all of the company's revenues from operations. While the online segment contributes 35% of brokerage revenues, offline contribution stands at 65%. As far as size of the business is concerned, the overall revenues from the brokerage.
Once the project in Indiabulls is conceived, it is only considered after the preliminary screening, a detailed feasibility study has to be undertaken covering marketing, technical and financial aspects of the project.
The study is in the form of case that deals with calculation of Maximum permissible bank finance (MPBF), Fixed Obligation to income ratio, EMI, Loan to value Ratio. Along with all going through the borrower’s information, general information of the proposal, past records of the borrower and the details of the security of mortgaged.
Financial records of the borrower, projected profits, balance sheet and cash flows are also considered. The ratios such as current ratio, debt service coverage ratio etc are also checked. the ultimate decision whether to grant loan to borrower for the application or not and how to go about it , is undertaken after this study which discloses whether the borrower has good past records and information provided is fair or not .
My project concerns with “STUDY ON BUILDER MARKET & HOME LOAN PROCESS REVIEW” in which I need to study the builder market present in different locations of the Delhi –NCR , Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida , Faridabad etc and I also need to assess the current and the prospective investors about their past experience if they had taken any kind of home loan and their respective experience related to rate of interest, tenor of the home loan, different schemes available etc and what are their future expectations from the home loan plans respective of all the above mentioned attributes -- borrower should be granted credit and what should be the recommended loan amount. This all to be done very carefully by calculation FOIR, LTV, EMI, formulation of CAM, RTR, ABB, Banking and company financials. Along with this various financial ratios are calculated for the past and future data provided by the borrower after checking the veracity of the same.
So as to gain in depth knowledge of complete Mortgage-home loan industry with its practical application.
On completion of the above formalities the various project characteristics, terms and conditions are decided upon like: * Tenor * EMI * Sanction loan amount * FOIR * LTV

Objectives of STUDY

* Study on the Builder Market of Delhi-NCR. * Study on the current & Prospective Investors for the Home Loan. * To understand the Home Loan Process Review of Indiabulls. * To understand clearly what are the products are available under Home Loan. * To acquire the complete knowledge of working at credit department.


In middle of 1999, when e-commerce was just about starting in India, Sameer Gehlaut and his close IIT Delhi friend Rajiv Rattan got together and bought a defunct securities company with a NSE membership and started offering brokerage services. A Few months later, their friend Saurabh Mittal also joined them. By December 1999, the company embarked on its journey to build one of the first online platforms in India for offering internet brokerage services. In January 2000, the 3 founders incorporated Indiabulls Financial Services and made it as the flagship company.
In mid 2000, Indiabulls Financial Services received venture capital funding from Mr L.N. Mittal & Mr Harish Fabiani. In late 2000, Indiabulls Securities, a subsidiary of Indiabulls Financial Services started offering online brokerage services and simultaneously opened physical offices across India. By 2003, Indiabulls securities had established a strong pan India presence and client base through its offices and on the internet.

In September 2004, Indiabulls Financial Services went public with an IPO at Rs 19 a share. In late 2004, Indiabulls Financial Services started its financing business with consumer loans. In March 2005, Indiabulls Properties Private Ltd, a subsidiary of Indiabulls Financial Services, participated in government auction of Jupiter Mills, a defunct 11 acre textile mill owned by NTC in Lower Parel, Mumbai. Indiabulls Properties private Ltd won the mill in auction and that purchase started Indiabulls real estate business. A few months later, Indiabulls Real Estate company private Ltd bought Elphinstone mill in Lower Parel, another textile mill auctioned by NTC.

With real estate business gaining size, Indiabulls Financial Services demerged the real estate business under Indiabulls Real Estate and each shareholder of Indiabulls Financial Services received additional share of Indiabulls Real Estate through the demerger. Subsequently, Indiabulls Financial Services also demerged Indiabulls Securities and each shareholder of Indiabulls Financial Services also received a share of Indiabulls Securities.

In year 2007, Indiabulls Real Estate incorporated a 100% subsidiary, Indiabulls Power, to build power plants and started work on building Nasik & Amravati thermal power plants. Indiabulls Power went public in September 2009.

Today, Indiabulls Group has a net worth of Rs 16,796 Crore & has a strong presence in important sectors like Financial Services, Power & Real Estate through independently listed companies and Indiabulls Group continues its journey of building businesses with strong cash flows.

Indiabulls is one of the fastest growing groups in the country today with interests in a wide gamut on industries varying from financial services to power generation. Started in the year 2000 it has grown into a multi product, multi location operation with presence in over 500 locations and a net-worth of Rs 3500 Cr. Indiabulls financial services Ltd, established in 2006-07 is the fastest growing NBFC in India.
Indiabulls is India’s leading Financial and Real Estate Company with a wide presence throughout India. Indiabulls Financial services Limited was established by the three promoters all of whom are engineers from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, and has attracted over Rs 700 million of investment from venture capital firms, private equity funds and institutional investors.
Indiabulls is essentially engaged in providing financial services in equity, derivatives and debt markets. The company's other financial services include distributorship of insurance products, mutual fund advisory, depository for listed shares, equity research and other non banking financial services like- home loan , commercial vehicle loan etc. The company operates through a network of 170 branches spread across the 87 cities of the country.
* Indiabulls Financial Services Limited was incorporated on January 10, 2000 as M/s Orbis InfoTech Private Limited at New Delhi under the Companies Act, 1956. * The name of Company was changed to M/s. Indiabulls Financial Services Private Limited on March 16, 2001 due to change in the main objects of the Company from InfoTech business to Investment & Financial Services business. * It became a Public Limited Company on February 27, 2004 and the name of Company was changed to M/s. Indiabulls Financial Services Limited.
Now, they offer a wide range of financial services and products from securities, derivatives trading, depositary services, research & advisory services, consumer secured and unsecured credit, loan against shares and mortgage &housing finance. Growth of Indiabulls
Year 2000-01: * Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd. established India’s one of the first trading platforms with the development of an in house team.
Year 2001-03: * Indiabulls expands its service offerings to include Equity, F&O, Wholesale Debt, Mutual fund, IPO distribution and Equity Research.
Year 2003-04: * Indiabulls ventured into Insurance distribution and commodities trading. * Company focused on brand building and franchise model.
Year 2004-05: * Indiabulls came out with its initial public offer (IPO) in September 2004. * Indiabulls started its consumer finance business. * Indiabulls entered the Indian Real Estate market and became the first company to bring FDI in Indian Real Estate. * Indiabulls won bids for landmark properties in Mumbai .
Year 2005-06: * Indiabulls has acquired over 115 acres of land in Sonepat for residential home site development. * Merrill Lynch and Goldman sac, one of the renowned investment banks in the world have increased their shareholding in Indiabulls. * Indiabulls is a market leader in securities brokerage industry, With around 31% share in online trading * Farallon Capital and its affiliates, the world’s largest hedge fund committed Rs. 2000 million for Indiabulls subsidiaries Viz. Indiabulls Credit Services Ltd. and Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. * Steel Tycoon Mr. LN Mittal promoted LNM India Internet venture Ltd. acquired 8.2% stake in Indiabulls Credit Services Ltd.
Year 2006-07: * Indiabulls Real Estate incorporated a 100% subsidiary, Indiabulls Power, to build power plants and started work on building Nashik & Amrawati thermal power plants * Indiabulls has acquired over 115 acres of land in Sonepat for residential home site development. * Merrill Lynch and Goldman sac, one of the renowned investment banks in the world have increased their shareholding in Indiabulls. * Indiabulls is a market leader in securities brokerage industry, With around 31% share in online trading, * Farallon Capital and its affiliates, the world’s largest hedge fund committed Rs. 2000 million for Indiabulls subsidiaries Viz. Indiabulls Credit Services Ltd. and Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd. * Steel Tycoon Mr. LN Mittal promoted LNM India Internet venture Ltd. acquired 8.2% stake in Indiabulls Credit Services Ltd.
Year 2009 * Indiabulls power went public in sept. 2009
Year 2011 * Indiabulls Financial Services is one of India’s leading non-banking finance companies providing Home Loans, Commercial Vehicle Loans and Secured SME Loans.

* The company has a net worth of Rs 4,661 crore with an asset book of Rs 20,788 Crore. The company has disbursed loans over Rs 50,000 Crore to over 3,00,000 customers till date. * Amongst its financial services and banking peers, Indiabulls Financial Services ranks amongst the top few companies both in terms of net worth and capital adequacy * Indiabulls Financial Services has been assigned ‘AA+’ rating and has presence in over 87 cities and towns with a total branch network of 170 branches.

Indiabulls Founder:

The fast paced growth, diversification and consolidation of the Group has been possible due to the vision and leadership of the co-founders of Indiabulls.
Sameer Gehlaut is the Chairman, CEO and Whole Time Director of Indiabulls. Sameer, aged 30 years, graduated with a Mechanical Engineering Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He was one of the three engineers selected by Halliburton to work for its international services business in the year 1995 and worked in many countries during his tenure there. He gained experience, learned international best practices and imbibed professional work culture at Halliburton, which he brought to Indiabulls Group as one of the founders of our Company.
He has gained extensive experience in the Financial Services Sector and developed in-depth knowledge and strong understanding of all aspects of the Securities Industry and Financial Services Business. Under his leadership, Indiabulls Group has grown from one office, 310 clients, and 8 employees in FY 2000 to 32,359 clients, 70 offices and 606 employees as on April 30, 2004.
Rajiv Rattan is the President, CFO and Whole Time Director of Indiabulls. Rajiv, aged 31 years, an NTSE Scholar, graduated with an Electrical Engineering Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He was the only engineer selected by Schlumberger to work for its international services business in the year 1994 and worked in many countries during his tenure there. He gained extensive experience in international best practices, process management, and risk management, which he brought to Indiabulls Group as one of the founders of our Company. He has gained extensive experience in the Financial Services Sector, and has developed Understanding of risk management, efficient processes and operational excellence.
Saurabh Mittal is a Director at Indiabulls. Saurabh, aged 30 years, graduated with an Electrical Engineering Degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and was declared the best graduating student in 1995. He was one of the engineers selected by Schlumberger to work for its international services business in the year 1995and worked in many countries during his tenure there. He graduated with a Masters of Business

Administration from the Harvard Business School where he graduated as a Baker Scholar. He worked at Citigroup Asset Management as an investment analyst, and is currently a senior portfolio manager at Farallon Capital Partners L. P. He has developed an understanding of international financial markets, and extensive experience in the Securities industry. Saurabh is responsible for strategic decision-making and is the director of our Company
The main objects to be pursued by the Company on its incorporation are:
1. To hold investments in various step-down subsidiaries for investing, acquiring, holding, purchasing or procuring equity shares, debentures, bonds, mortgages, obligations, securities of any kind issued or guaranteed by our Company.
2. To provide financial consultancy services; to provide investment advisory services on the internet or otherwise provide financial consultancy in the area of personal and corporate finance publish books and CD ROMs and another information related to the above.
3. To conduct the business of sale, purchase, distribution and transfer of shares, debts, instruments and hybrid financial instruments and to perform all related, incidental, ancillary and allied services.
4. To conduct depository participant services; to conduct de-materialization and re-materialization of shares; set up depository participant centers at various regions in India and to perform all related, incidental, ancillary and allied services.
5. To receive funds, deposits and investments from the public, Government agencies, financial institutions and corporate bodies; grant advances and loans; conduct advisory services related to banking activities, project financing, funding of mergers and acquisition activities; fund management and activities related to money market operations.
6. To carry on the business of portfolio management services, investment advisory services, custodial services, asset management services, leasing and hire purchase, mutual fund services and to act as brokers of real estate and financial instruments.
7. To carry on the business of financing; provide lease and hire purchase services, to provide consultancy in the area of lease and hire purchase financing.

Indiabulls as a Group

* Presence for more than a decade with consistent delivery in the service Industry. * Group ranked as one of the top Indian business house with diversified business interests in various sectors such as Real Estate, Securities, Financial Services, Power etc. * Financial Services with its vast umbrella comprises of Housing Finance, Commercial Loans, Asset Management and Advisory services. * Geographically present at more than 60 cities covering major towns in India. * Group listed as the largest brokering house under Morgan Stanley ratings. * Highest Ratings from CRISIL

Companies under Indiabulls

Indiabulls financial services Ltd
Indiabulls power Ltd


Indiabulls securities Ltd
Indiabulls real estate Ltd

Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd, one of India's leading non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) is leading provider of lending and other financial products including home loans, loans against property, commercial vehicle loans, and commercial credit to prime corporate.
Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd, a SARFAESI notified Housing Finance Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Indiabulls Financial Services Ltd; provides competitively priced home loans to both self employed & salaried segment clients.
With dedication to serve the customers at maximum possible locations, Indiabulls Financial Services has a wide network of 180 branches spread over 100 cities across India. Indiabulls Housing Finance has one of the fastest Home Loan delivery systems in India. Easy & convenient online access of Indiabulls’ Home Loan account saves time, efforts & money wasted in visiting offices of home loan providers for every single query or requirement. All the security measures for online account access are taken care of at Indiabulls Housing Finance.
Indiabulls Home Loans is emerging as the most preferred brand in housing finance. Indiabulls Financial Services has over 3,00,000 satisfied customers & cumulative disbursements of loan amount over Rs.60,000 Cr. The company has a net worth of Rs. 5,037 Crores with an asset book of Rs 27,521 Crores. Indiabulls believes in forging a deep personal bond with each of its valued customers. At Indiabulls Housing Finance, Customer care is of utmost importance. At Indiabulls all the customers feel privileged as they get guidance in all aspects of home buying such as selecting the suitable property, checking approvals of the project, filing documents, registration of the property, choosing EMI & tenure of their loan to accommodate their financial resources etc. Indiabulls team always tries to help customers even going beyond the call of duty.
Indiabulls Financial Services enjoys AA+ rating and has one of the lowest leverage and highest net worth among the peer group. Indiabulls has very stable long term financing from leading Indian and international banks and financial institutions.
India’s leading provider of lending and other financial products including Mortgages (Home loans and Loan against property), commercial vehicle, and commercial credit & secured loans to SME’s

PRODUCTS UNDER THE IFSL: 1. Commercial Vehicle Loan 2. Commercial Credit 3. Mortgage -Home loan - Loan against Property Commercial Vehicle Loan Indiabulls Commercial Vehicle Loans offers commercial loans to a wide variety of business owners. Through simple documentation, we provide easy loans to first time buyers and fleet operators.
We offer quick and easy loans to small and medium operators which help them in acquiring vehicles with minimum hassles and documentation. We customize financing options to suit your needs. Our priority is to help you find uncomplicated answers to your financial concerns.
With our thorough knowledge of the market and long association with transporters, we assist you as you plan your purchase. We support our easy to understand finance schemes with quick completion of transactions to help you proceed with your plans swiftly. At every step, we assure you a quick, transparent and hassle-free deal. Features of Indiabulls Commercial Vehicle Loans are: * Loan for up to 15 years old vehicles. * The best loan offering in the market up to 95% for used vehicles 100% for new commercial vehicle chassis * Max tenure of up to 48 months for used vehicles 60 months for new commercial vehicle chassis * Customized loan to suit your needs * Door Step Services * Easy Documentation * Quick Hassle free services * Attractive Rate of Interest * No intermediary or Direct Marketing Agent for loan processing

A few highlights of Indiabulls commercial Vehicle Loan are as follows: * Faster process * Transparency * Competitive rate * Vast branch and distribution network * Customized product offering | COMMERCIAL CREDIT: The commercial credit is one of the important products given by the Indiabulls Finance Service Limited (IFSL). It is usually given as a big ticket amount to the selected applicant / companies / SME’S/Organization for the purpose of funding projects, land development, construction etc. the minimum ticket amount would be ` 50 crores. The commercial credit given by the Indiabulls is given to the Priority sector clients - attractive pricing offered for customers under priority sector lending.

Advantages * Low collateral requirement-
Lending available up to 3 times of the value of the collateral * Fast processing -
De-centralized operations for fast processing and quick availability of loans * Convenient Documentation -
Convenient documentation process to offer ease and flexibility * Attractive Pricing -
Low interest rates and commission charges * Priority sector clients -
Attractive pricing offered for customers under priority sector lending.

* Fast and Easy renewals -
Hassle free renewals with less documentation * Dedicated and exclusive relationship managers -
Dedicated relationship managers to provide complete financial solutions MORTGAGE A mortgage represents a loan or lien on a property/house that has to be paid over a specified period of time. Think of it as your personal guarantee that you'll repay the money you've borrowed to buy your home. Mortgages come in many different shapes and sizes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In Indiabulls the Mortgage is further sub- divided in to two categories :- HOME LOAN In the list of the Non Banking Financial companies (NBFCs) the Indiabulls has an unique identity and presence in 87 cities across India with 170 branches who are providing one of the fastest home loan delivery system in India. Indiabulls offers safe and attractive home loan schemes. Key features of Indiabulls home loans are * Attractive Interest Rates * Tenure can range up to 20 years * Easy monthly repayment mode * Loans to salaried and self employed * For purchase of house, residential plot & construction for approved builder property funding * Insurance option available for your house loan

PURPOSE * Purchase of flat, row house, bungalow from developers. * Existing freehold properties. * Property in an existing or proposed cooperative society or apartment. * Self construction. * Renovation and Extension MAXIMUM LOAN 80% of the cost of property (including the cost of land) and based on the repayment capacity of the customers. MAXIMUM TENOR 20 years subject to the retirement age. CUSTOMER SEGMENTATION * Salaried employees * Resident of India * Non resident of India

* Self employed professionals

* Self employed non professional
The amount charged expressed as a percentage of principal, by a lender to a borrower for the use. It may be fixed rate of interest and floating rate of interest.
A fixed interest rate is a rate of interest that remains static throughout the length of an agreed term and does not fluctuate with market changes.
A floating rate of interest is a rate of interest which fluctuates according to prime lending rates.

IB ROI for home loan 10.50% (Up to 25Lacs), Then 10.75%
The Indiabulls provide their respective customer with the attractive facility in switching of rate of interest i.e the customer can change their ROI .This can be done when the customer request to the company to change their present rate of interest to new rate of interest. Indiabulls ROI switching policy
Floating Rate Loans AND Fixed n Floating (Dual Rate) Loans - * All existing borrowers have an option to change the existing applicable spread to the prevailing applicable spread. * In case of a fully disbursed loan, the switch fee payable to avail the conversion shall be 0.5% on the principal outstanding (POS). * In case of a partly disbursed loan, the switch fee payable to avail the conversion shall be 0.5% on the principal outstanding (POS) and also on the undisbursed loan amount i.e. on the entire contracted loan amount. * Borrowers have the option to reduce his EMI keeping the residual tenor unchanged OR keep his EMI unchanged and thereby reducing his residual tenor. He can also opt for changing both the EMI and tenor within the band to suit his convenience. * The reset of spread will be effective from the first day of the following calendar month from the date of switch. * Tax as applicable on the switch fee.

The fee charged by the lender to cover administrative expenses such as Federal Express mail, courier fees, overhead, etc
Up to 30lacs - 2,500 + 12.36% (service tax) above 30lacs to 1.5Cr - 5,000 + 12.36%(service tax)
Above 1.5Cr - 10,000 + 12.36%(service tax)
* Salaried employees * Self employed professionals * Self employed businessman * Applicants can either be Resident or Non-Resident * Age of the applicant should not be more than 65 years TAX BENEFITS Section 24 of the Income Tax Act Interest paid on capital borrowed for the acquisition, construction, repair, renewal or reconstruction of property is entitled to a deduction. Rs 1,50,000 is the maximum amount eligible for deduction in the case of self-occupied property and for rented out property there is no limit of amount of deduction. Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. One can get a maximum Rs.1,00,000 deduction from the Income, on repayment of principal during a financial year. Stamp duty, registration fee or other such expenses paid for the purpose of transfer of such house property to the assesse is also considered under this amount. LOAN AGAINST PROPERTY (LAP) Indiabulls Financial Services understands how difficult it is to choose between your aspirations to become successful entrepreneur & your personal priorities. Indiabulls Loan against Property will take care of your financial needs while you can concentrate on your business plan. Indiabulls Loan against Property will guide you to understand the hidden value of your residential or commercial property so that your small or medium sized enterprise need not feel the crunch of working capital. Indiabulls Loan against Property can also help you to fund your other working capital needs such as business expansion. This loan can be as high as 65% of the market value of your property and is available to Small to mid-sized businesses, Partnership firms and Private Ltd or closely held companies. This gives following advantages * Person can generate funds by unlocking the property value along with the benefit of staying in his home * Can satisfy his need for immediate personal expenses like: New Business funding or Business Expansion etc. * Indiabulls LAP has reasonable interest rates to accommodate your emergencies.
The Indiabulls Loan against Property can be used for any purpose:- * For expansion of business
No longer do you have to stifle your creative ideas. With funds at your disposal, you can now expand your business without hesitation. * For marriage purpose
Put aside all your monetary worries and celebrate your child's wedding with pomp and splendor. Meet all your expenses with ease-when you take an Indiabulls Loan against Property. * For higher studies of children
Education is the cornerstone of your family's progress. With a Loan against Property, you can empower your son or daughter to grow into an outstanding achiever.

* For renovation of home
When you decide to renovate your home you want it be your joy and pride. With Indiabulls Loan against Property you will not need to cut corners. Effortlessly redo your home to match your dreams. Recommendations The following recommendations are suggested to improve the product features: LTV scope IHFL provide maximum loan amount against LAP is 65% of the property value. There is a scope to increase the loan amount for LAP up to 70% of the property value which help the IHFL to increase the business for his product LAP. Rate reduces The rate of interest (ROI) charge by the IHFL is different for the entire products offered by the company to his customer according to their needs. The ROI for home loan is 10.50% and for loan against property (LAP) is 13.50% which much higher as compare to the home loan product. The IHFL must reduce the ROI on LAP and set around the ROI charged for the home loan. This benefited to attract more customers with the strategy of charging same interest rate for the entire product line. Documentation process reduce The documents required at the time of apply for the loan should be reduced. It means the process to apply for the loan should be make consumer friendly and easily available all the information needed by the customer. Pre EMI interest scheme Sometimes loan is disbursed in installments, depending on the stages of completion of the housing project. Pending final disbursement, customer may be required to pay interest only on the portion of the loan disbursed. This interest called pre-EMI interest. Pre-EMI interest is payable every month from the date of each disbursement up to the date of commencement of

EMI. This process in followed in case of home loan IHFL should start pre-EMI interest schemes in LAP cases also. INDIABULLS REAL ESTATE LTD
Indiabulls Real Estate is one of the largest real estate companies in India with development projects spread across high-end office and commercial complexes, premium residential developments, mega townships, retail spaces, hotel and resorts, state of the art special economic zones and infrastructure development. It has 31 ongoing projects totaling 71.55 million square feet, 2551 acres of SEZ development and additional land bank of 836 acres. Each project bears a stamp of thoughtful solutions and highest quality. The company has partnered with specialists from India and abroad working on various aspects including design, landscaping, engineering and structural strength of each of the developments.
It further employs most advanced construction equipments and technologies that guarantees on time delivery like advanced jump start technology, advanced logistics and vertical transportation systems, wind tunnel engineering as also international quality construction grade steel and the highest strength M70 and M80 concrete. The company has more than 90% of its portfolio in Mumbai, Delhi (NCR) and Chennai markets with Rs. 4,000 crores of land bought through government auctions. The main focus of Indiabulls Real Estate is construction and development of properties, project management, investment advisory and construction services. Indiabulls Real Estate has delivered a record 3.3 million sq ft developed space valued at $ 1.75 billion (within 4 years of inception). This is fastest and largest delivery in value terms by any Indian real estate developer in the same time period. It has partnered with Farallon Capital Management LLC of USA to bring the first FDI into real estate in the country, is listed on the Mumbai, Luxembourg and Singapore Stock Exchange and has been assigned 'A+' rating.


Residential Projects
Indiabulls Real Estate has a pan-India presence with premium yet affordable housing projects spread across cities of Gurgaon, Ahmadabad, Vizag, Hyderabad and Madurai. Indiabulls Greens in Panvel and Chennai are the Green Living integrated townships initiated by the company. PROJECT 1: INDIABULLS ENIGMA GURGAON
Indiabulls Enigma is endowed with green cover sprawling across 6 acres. Each apartment is open from three sides, giving unrestricted view of the complex as well as the surroundings. PROJECT 2: Indiabulls Centrum Madurai
Situated on the banks of River Vaigai, Indiabulls Centrum Madurai – a premium residential township, provides an ideal opportunity to live in the historic centre of the city and yet enjoy an enviable, modern lifestyle.
With meticulous attention to detail and a perfect blend of aesthetics, greenery and value-

Added amenities, we invite you to a lavish home of your dreams, right in the heart of Madurai.

Centrally located between Mumbai’s primary financial centers - Nariman Point and Bandra Kurla Complex, Indiabulls Finance Center is an emerging business centre set to spectacularly transform Mumbai’s skyline. Centrally located between Mumbai’s primary financial centers - Nariman Point and Bandra Kurla Complex, Indiabulls Finance Center is an emerging business centre set to spectacularly transform Mumbai’s skyline.

Sprawled across 600000 sq. ft. and 7 levels, Indiabulls Mega Mall is the largest commercial development Jodhpur has ever seen. With the location right on NH 65 at Vijaya Raje Nagar Indiabulls Mega All is spreading smiles on the faces of Jodhpur’s Retailers and Businessmen.

Indiabulls Securities Limited (ISL) was originally incorporated in India on June 9, 1995, under the Companies Act as a private limited company as GPF Securities Private Limited under certificate of incorporation bearing number 55-69631. The name of the Company was changed to Orbis Securities Private Limited on December 15, 1995. The Company was subsequently converted into a public limited company and its name was further changed to Orbis Securities Limited on January 5, 2004.The name of the Company was again changed to Indiabulls Securities Limited on February 16, 2004.
Indiabulls Securities (ISL) is one of India's leading capital markets companies providing securities broking and advisory services. Indiabulls Securities also provides depository services, equity research services and IPO distribution to its clients and offers commodities trading through a separate company. These services are provided both through on-line and off-line distribution channels. Indiabulls Securities is a pioneer of on-line securities trading in India. Indiabulls Securities’ in-house trading platform is one of the fastest and most efficient trading platforms in the country. Indiabulls Securities has been assigned the highest rating BQ-1 by CRISIL.
The company through various types of brokerage accounts provides product and services related to purchase and sale of securities listed in NSE and BSE. It also provides depository services, equity research services, mutual fund, and IPO distribution to its clients. The company provides these services through on-line and off-line distribution channel.

Name Designation
MR. Divyesh B Shah Director
MR. Aishwarya Katoch Director
MR. Prem Prakash Mirdha Director
MR. Ashok Sharma Director

MAIN PRODUCTS OF ISL 1. Power Indiabulls 2. Depository Services 3. Currency Derivatives 4. Indiabulls Equity Analysis 5. IPO Online 6. Indiabulls Signature Account

Power Indiabulls (PIB) is the advanced online trading platform from Indiabulls Securities Limited. PIB provides the best in the class internet trading features and delivers a seamless and rich online trading experience for its users. PIB comes with a whole host of online features for the internet trading users ranging from real-time stock prices, to live trading reports, charting, News Room. PIB provides an integrated online trading platform for the internet trading community to invest in equity, F&O, Online IPOs and base their decision on sound fundamental research and technical analysis. It also provides various kinds of trading reports, each developed to cater to internet trading users’ distinct needs.
Depository Services
Indiabulls is a depository participant with the National Securities Depository Limited and Central Depository Services (India) Limited for trading and settlement of dematerialized shares. Indiabulls performs clearing services for all securities transactions through its accounts. We offer depository services to create a seamless transaction platform – execute trades through Indiabulls Securities and settle these transactions through the Indiabulls Depository Services. Indiabulls Depository Services is part of our value added services for our clients that create multiple interfaces with the client and provide for a solution that takes care of all your needs.

Currency Derivatives
Indiabulls offers trading in the Currency Derivatives Segment in National Stock Exchange (NSE).Currency Derivatives are similar in nature to Stock Futures & Option contracts. Currency Derivatives Contracts (USD-INR, EUR-INR, GBP-INR and JPY-INR) at exchange rate as the underlying are available for trading with a monthly expiry. At any given time, Currency Derivatives Contracts are available for trading for the next 12 months expiry for futures whereas 3 months expiry and 1 quarterly expiry for Options.
The Mark-to-Market for Currency Derivatives is settled on a daily basis in a manner similar to Equity Futures & Options.
Indiabulls Equity Analysis
Indiabulls Equity Analysis complements its equity broking and advisory services with high quality comprehensive report which can be accessed online. Research report assess the potential strength and investment risk by doing in-depth and exhaustive analysis of operational and financial performance of company, Peer group analysis, present Industry scenario using advanced and sophisticated forecasting tools and models. These research reports identify, examine and distill attractive investment opportunities to help you in building and maintaining your ideal portfolio.
IPO Online
The most important benefit of the 'ONLINE IPO facility offered by Indiabulls Securities Ltd. is the convenience in submission of applications from anywhere breaking the limitations of time and geography. You don’t need to submit the application in paper form, or write a cheque or go to submit it anywhere.
Indiabulls Securities Ltd. offers ONLINE IPO facility to its registered trading customers at absolutely no cost.

To use the ONLINE IPO feature, one needs to fulfill the following criteria: * One must be registered for internet trading with Indiabulls Securities Ltd. * One must have a demat account with Indiabulls Securities Ltd.

* One must have signed the POA agreement for Online IPOs. * Indiabulls is providing Payment Gateways. Currently, we are providing payment gateways for ICICI, IDBI and HDFC Banks. Indiabulls Signature Account
With Indiabulls Signature account you will always remain on top of your investments. It provides you the platform to trade in Equity and Derivatives. With an unmatched service and nationwide presence, the Indiabulls Signature account comes bundled with a variety of exclusive features. * Ease of trading * Dedicated Service Branch and Relationship Manager * Online Payment Gateways * IPOs * Portfolio Tracker * Equity Analysis Report

The Company was incorporated on October 8, 2007, as Sophia Power Company Limited, a public limited company, under the Companies Act. The Company obtained a certificate of commencement of business on October 12, 2007. The Company’s name was changed to Indiabulls Power Limited. Pursuant to a special resolution dated July 4, 2009. A fresh certificate of incorporation consequent upon the name change was granted to the Company on July 7, 2009. A scheme of amalgamation (Scheme) between IPSL and the Company under Sections 391 to 394 of the Companies Act was sanctioned by the High Court at Delhi through an order dated September 1, 2008. Upon coming into effect of the Scheme, IPSL stands amalgamated with the Company with effect from April 1, 2008, the appointed date. Scheme of amalgamation between IPSL and the Company A Scheme was filed by IPSL and the Company under Sections 391 to 394 of the Companies Act, before the High Court at Delhi with a view to amalgamate IPSL with the Company in order to reduce the duplication of similar business activities carried on by these two entities and to enable both companies to increase their net worth, profitability and market position by consolidating their power generation businesses under a single company. By an order dated September 1, 2008, the High Court at Delhi granted sanction to the scheme of amalgamation with effect from the April 1, 2008. The Scheme provides for the transfer and vesting of the amalgamated undertaking (as described below) in the Company as a going concern. The amalgamated undertaking means the undertaking and the entire business of IPSL and inter alia includes all the undertakings, the entire business, all the properties and assets, wherever situate, including the right to use such assets. In terms of the Scheme, as consideration for the transfer and vesting of the undertaking and the liabilities of the amalgamated company, the Company has allotted one fully paid equity share of Rs. 10 each for every fully paid equity share of Rs. 10 each held by a shareholder in the amalgamated company on the date fixed. The valuation was prepared by M/s. Ajay Sardana Associates with regard to the share exchange ratios.

Indiabulls Power is currently developing Thermal Power Projects with an aggregate capacity of 5400 MW. The first unit is expected to go on stream in May 2012. The net worth of Indiabulls Power is Rs 4410 Crore. The company has a total capital expenditure of Rs 27,500 Crore. The company has been assigned 'BBB' rating. Thermal Power Project of Indiabulls power 1. Amravati Thermal Power Project 2. Nasik Thermal Power Project

Amravati Thermal Power Project
AMRAVATI THERMAL POWER PROJECT (1350 MW) is being setup by Indiabulls Power Ltd. (IPL.) at Nandgaonpeth, Amravati district, Maharashtra.

Power plant is located in additional industrial area “Additional Amravati Industrial Area” at Village - Nandgaonpeth, Distt. - Amravati. Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) MIDC has allotted 1350 acres of Land to IPL.
The primary fuel for the Project is Coal for which coal linkage has been granted and letters of assurance from South Eastern Coalfields Ltd. (SECL), Western Coalfields Ltd. (WCL) and Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. (MCL) have been issued.
Statutory Approvals
The Project has got all approvals from statutory authorities.
* Vidharbha Irrigation Development Corporation (VIDC), Nagpur has approved water allocation 87.6 million cubic meters per annum.

Nasik Thermal Power Project
Nasik Thermal Power Project (1350 MW) is being setup by Indiabulls Realtech Ltd. - a subsidiary of Indiabulls Power Ltd. at Sinnar, Nasik district, Maharashtra. The project site is easily accessible from Nasik, Pune & Mumbai.
Approx. 900 Acres of Land has been acquired by M/s Indiabulls Realtech Ltd. at Sinnar for installation of 1350 MW capacity coal based thermal power station.
The primary fuel for the Project is Coal for which coal linkage has been granted and letters of assurance from South Eastern Coalfields Ltd. (SECL), Western Coalfields Ltd. (WCL) and Mahanadi Coalfields Ltd. (MCL) have been issued.
Statutory Approvals
The Project has got all approvals from statutory authorities.

Research objectives * To know about the Indiabulls and its products. * To compare the Indiabulls with the other NBFC’s. * To know the demographic profile of the prospect customer seeking home loan. * To study about the satisfaction level of consumer about home loan * Builder survey to see where Indiabulls can expand its business. * To know the present and future market condition in the home loan segment. * Home loan process study and improvement * Credits * Operations

COMPERATIVE STUDY COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF VARIOUS BANKS FOR HOME LOANS | | IHFL | DHFL | HDFC LTD | LIC HFL | Maximum loan amount | 85% of the cost of property (below 20 lakhs) OR 80% of the cost of property (above 20 lakhs). | 80% of the cost of property | 80% of the cost of the property and based on the repayment capacity of the customer. | 85% of the cost of property (below 20 lakhs) OR 80% of the cost of property (above 20 lakhs). | Rate of interest: (FLOATING ) | | | | | Below 30 lakhs | 10.50% | 11.25% | 10.50% | 10.40% | 30 lakhs - 75 lakhs | 10.75% | 11.50% | 10.75% | 10.70% | Above 75 lakhs | 11.25% | 11.75% | 11% | 11.15% | Processing charges | Up to 30 lacs : 2,500 + S.T
30 - 150 lacs : 5,000 + S.T
150 lacs & above : 10,000 + S.T | 1% | 0.5% or maximum 10,000+ S.T (12.36%) | Up to 30 lacs : 10,000 + S.T
30 - 50 lacs : 15,000 + S.T
50 lacs - 1Cr : 20,000 + S.T
1Cr & above : 20,000 + S.T | Pre-payment charges: | Nil | Nil | No prepayment charges shall be payable for partial or full prepayments irrespective of the source | Nil | Additional security | not required | not required | Interim security may be required, if the property is under construction. | not required | Insurance of the property | Yes | yes | optional | not required | Area of funding | Any area inside the geo limits of the company. | | | | Guarantor /Co-applicant | Guarantor/ Co-applicant are required. Approval required for exceptions | Not required | Optional | not required | Resale of the property | Allowed | allowed | allowed with security | Allowed | DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: | | | | | (1)Income tax return with computation (years) | 3 | 3 | 2 | 3 | (2) Salary slip (months) | 3 | 3 | 2 | 3 | (3) Six months bank statement | √ | √ | √ | √ | (4) Residence proof | √ | √ | √ | √ | (5) Pan card | √ | √ | √ | √ | (6)Local Address Proof | √ | not required | not required | √ | (7) Employer’s details with pan card | √ | not required | not required | not required | (8) Property paper | √ | √ | √ | √ | (9) Passport size photograph | √ | √ | √ | √ | (10) Pan card , Bank statement of the seller | √ | not required | not required | not required | COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF VARIOUS BANKS FOR LAP | | IHFL | DHFL | HDFC LTD | LIC HFL | Maximum loan amount | 65% of the cost of the proper and based on the repayment capacity of the customer. | 60% of the cost of property | 60% of the cost of the property and based on the repayment capacity of the customer. | 60% of the cost of property. | Rate of interest: (FLOATING ) | 13.50% | 13.25% | 13% | 12.75% | Processing charges | 1% + service tax | 1% of the loan amount | 1.50% of the loan amount | 1% of the loan amount | Pre-payment charges: | Nil | Nil | No prepayment charges shall be payable for partial or full prepayments irrespective of the source | Nil | Additional security | not required | not required | not required. | not required | Insurance of the property | Yes | yes | optional | not required | Area of funding | Any area inside the geo limits of the company. | | | | Guarantor /Co-applicant | Guarantor/ Co-applicant are required. | Not required | Optional | not required | Resale of the property | Allowed | allowed | allowed with security | Allowed | DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: | | | | | (1)Income tax return with computation (years) | 3 | 3 | 2 | 3 | (2) Salary slip (months) | 3 | 3 | 2 | 3 | (3) Six months bank statement | √ | √ | √ | √ | (4) Residence proof | √ | √ | √ | √ | (5) Pan card | √ | √ | √ | √ | (6)Local Address Proof | √ | not required | not required | √ | (7) Employer’s details | √ | not required | not required | not required | (8) Property paper | √ | √ | √ | √ | (9) Passport size photograph | √ | √ | √ | √ |

To compare the IHFL with the other market players:- Points which differentiate Indiabulls with other players like - HDFC, LIC HIF, and DHFL. HOME LOAN & LOAN AGAINST PROPERTY Other players have more presence in home loan Segment as compared to LAP but Indiabulls is having its equal presence in home loan & Loan against property (LAP). SALRIED AND SELF EMPLOYED CUSTOMERS In case of LAP (loan against property) financial institutions like HDFC, LIC HFL, DHFL has around 85-90% salaried and 10-15% self employed customers base but if we compared with IHFL with these institutions we found that it has customer base of about 40%-45% of self employed and 55- 60% salaried customers. LOAN CHECKING SYSTEM IHFL is the only company in India which has the concept of Master Service Centre (MSC) which means the company have loan checking system at its different levels from L1 to L6. The branches are set up around the credit decision process and are designed as Master Service Centre, Service Centre and Walk‐in Branches while other financial institutions have centre loan checking system which means the loan application is checked at its central branch only. SALES TEAM HDFC has a separate sales company like- HDFC Sales Corporation, LIC HFL recruit’s (n) number of agents and DHFL has tie up with the First blue which works for them in order to bring business to the organization .while IHFL is having its own dedicated sales team DSA/DST to attract the customers for home loan or LAP. ISO: 9001 CERTIFICATION & RATTING Recently IHFL has got the certificate of ISO: 9001 for its management of documents. IHFL has also got the rating of AA+ which shows the company’s unique standard.

LOAN AMOUNT In case of home loan IHFL only providing the loan above Rs. 15,00,000 while other financial companies like – HDFC, LIC HFL, DHFL providing loan from minimum amount of Rs. 5,00,000/-. In case of LAP (loan against property) IHFL also cater the high tickets that means the company provide the minimum loan of Rs.20,00,000 while the other financial institutions like – HDFC, LIC HFL, DHFL provide the minimum loan amount of Rs. 10,00,000. LOAN SANCTIONED TIME AND ITS DOCUMENTATION PROCESS In case of salaried customers IHFL is having the minimum loan sanctioned time of only 48 hours with respect to other companies which usually take the time of about 4-5 days to sanction the required loan amount demanded by the customers. Other important point which differentiates IHFL from other financial companies like HDFC, DHFL is its documentation process. The documents required by IHFL at the time to apply for the home loan/LAP is more as compare to other institution. It has the rigid documentation process. RISK ASSOCIATED WITH IHFL * Probability of delinquency percentage is high because when IHFL provide high ticket loan and more risk is associated with it. * The percentage of customer who are associated with IHFL consist of about 40%-45% of self employed customers and self employed non professional customers the amount of loan taken by them is more if compared to salaried customers therefore more risk is associated with them because there is always a chance of bad debt . * Loan against property (LAP) this product is also full of risk the reason behind this is that there is always a chance of fraud and illegal documentation which the customers provide to the IHFL. IHFL has a team to check the relevancy of the documentation but there could be an error during this process.

Recommendations Processing fee policy Processing fee means a charge levied by a lender for accepting a loan and gathering the supporting paperwork. IHFL has the different PF policy for both salaried and self employed customers. In case of salaried customers the PF cheque received along with the application form is banked after the loan is sanctioned and the loan sanction letter is send to the applicant but in case of self employed customers the received PF cheque is banked immediately after receiving from the customer either the loan is sanctioned or not. The company should change his PF policy that means IHFL adopt the same PF policy for both salaried and self employed customers to attract more customers. Small Tickets IHFL funding bigger ticket loan amount in home loan and LAP products as compare to other financial institutions so IHFL should start funding small tickets like from Rs.8,00,0000 in home loan and Rs.10,00,0000 in LAP products which enables the company to expand his business to lower segment. Focus more on home loan After reviewing the whole process conditions, products, market scenario and competitors IHFL should focus more on home loan (HL) as compare to LAP. The reason behind is that if IHFL will provide more amount of loan on LAP then there is a big risk is involved in terms of uncertainty, delinquency, bad debt will always more and there is more probability of default.


Please fill the questionnaire as per your choice:- 1. Name of company working with _____________________________

2. Name of Individual ______________________________

3. Contact Details:-

Phone No: _______________________________

Email id: _______________________________ (Email-id is mandatory as the survey result will be shared on this) 4. Age:
(a) Below 25 [ ] (b) 25-35 [ ] (c) 35-45 [ ] (d) Above 45 [ ]

5. Job Profile: _____________________________________

6. Qualification:
(a) Undergraduate [ ] (b) Graduate [ ] (c) Post Graduate [ ] (d) Professional [ ]

7. Occupation:
(a) Professional [ ] (b) Self-employee [ ] (c) Salaried [ ] (d) Others [ ]

8. Experience in Service/ Business:
(a) Below 2 years [ ] (b) 2 – 5 years [ ] (c) 5- 10 years [ ] (d) above 10 years [ ]

9. Type of Organization:
(a) Government [ ] (b) Private [ ]

10. Nature of the organization (a) Manufacturing [ ] (b) Service[ ]

11. Salary:
(a) Below 20,000 [ ] (b) 20,001 – 40,000 [ ] (c) 40,001 – 75,000 [ ] (d) above 75,001 [ ]

12. Do you own a home?
(a)Yes [ ] (b) No [ ] If yes, have you availed a loan for home?
Yes [ ] No [ ] (If yes please specify) Name of the financer: ______________________________
Loan amount: ______________________________

13. Are you planning to buy a Property?
(a) Yes [ ] (b) NO [ ] (If yes please specify) Location: _____________________________________________ 14. Purpose: (a) Investment [ ] (b) End-user [ ] 15. Approximate Budget for new Home: (In lakhs Rupees) (a) Below 5 [ ] (b) 5- 25 [ ] (c) 25 – 50 [ ] (d) above 50 [ ] 16. Are you planning to take a loan? (a) Yes [ ] (b) NO [ ] (If yes please specify)
Approximate loan requirement: __________________________ 17. Type of property you are looking for : (a) Plots [ ] (b) Flats [ ] (c) Appartment [ ] (d) Villa [ ] 18. While taking loan which things attract you the most: 1 for Most important, 2 for Important, 3 for Average, 4 No relevance Attributes | Please rank 1 to 4 | Interest rate | | Service Quality | | Schemes available | | Loan sanction time | |

INVESTOR SURVEY REPORT After getting the response from the different investors this report is generated. We have done a survey on the prospective customers those who have taken the home loan before and those who are planning to take a home loan. In order to take the correct response we have went several locations of the Delhi NCR such as – Delhi, Noida , Greater Noida, Ghaziabad , Faridabad ,etc. we have surveyed to 100 respondent and got the response of 90 peoples who showed their interest in sharing their views about the home loan . We have prepared the questionnaire which consists of about 18 questions of some basic questions related to the home loan and after analysing the whole responses we have come to the following interpretation of the given response , after getting their respective name and other details such as contact number, email id etc these are the some questions and their respective responses which are as under- The first question is about their home that is whether it is owned or rented? The response is from the total 90 respondents 63 i.e 70% says they have their own home. The second question is about whether they have taken any home loan before? The result was surprising From the 63 respondent who have their own home only 20 respondents (32%) availed home loan to buy their home from different nationalized banks like HDFC, SBI, PNB and LIC.

From all the responses which we have received the profile of the respondents who avail loan for their home are as follows:- Attribute: AGE – from the total survey we found that people between the age of 25 – 35 have taken loan and the percentage is about 57 % .The reason behind this is that in this age group people have came in to their jobs and at their initial stage of job they have taken loan to purchase a home for themselves. Qualification – as far as qualification is concerned the percentage of people those who have taken home loan is the most from the survey we found that 50 % of people have taken the loan which shows that home loan are usually taken by professionally qualified people with respect to qualified people. Occupation – after the survey we came to know that the home loan is taken maximum by the salaried class people with respect to the self employed , professional and other .The maximum percentage of loan taken by the salaried class is 75 % . This clearly shows the deviation of the occupation class.

Experience in Service/Business – If experience in service/business is taken in the survey report we found that people with 5-10 years of experience is more than that of 2-5 years. The percentage of experience people those who have availed the home loan facility is 45 %. Type of Organization – According to the survey we found that the 85 % of home loan is taken by the people who are working the private organization as compared to the people who are working with the government organization as their percentage is only of 15 %. This shows that the people working with private organization are investing more in real estate sector.

Salary – Out of the total survey report when analysed we found that the maximum respondent those who have taken the home loan is between the age of 25 -35 years and their salary is Rs. 40,000/- to 75,000/- and the percentage is 45 % while between the range of Rs.20,000/- to 40,000 the percentage is 35 % and salary above Rs.75,000/- the percentage is very less 9 %. The next question asked from the respondent are you planning to buy the property. If yes, in which location. More than 60 % respondent says that yes they are interested in buying the property in future and the most preferable location are Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida and Ghaziabad. . Purpose –The purpose which the peoples are taking the home loan is basically of two types that is for investment and for the purpose of end user. From the survey report we found that 53 % people have taken the home loan for the investment purpose while 47 % people have availed the home loan facility for the end use purpose.

Type of property – After the survey we have found that different peoples have different choice of property some like to purchase flats some like to purchase plots and some like to go for a apartment. When analysed we came to know that 63 % of peoples would like to purchase flats while percentage of plots (18%), apartment (7%) and villa (9%) respectively.

Approximate budget for the new property Pie chart shows that the respondent who are planning to buy a property in near future are more interested in buying the flats. The survey conducted among the customer shows that the 63% respondents are interested in buying the flats in Delhi or NCR locations and only 7% customers are interested in buying the Appartment and survey also show the approximate budget to buy the property(home) which is approximately between 25 – 50 lakhs . Only 19% respondents has above 50 lakhs rupees to invest in the new property.

Out of the 57(63%) respondent who want to buy new property only 38 (67%) are planning to take the loan. The following table shows the responses of the respondents regarding which things attract most while the consumer taking home loan. Table 1 Attributes | Most important | Important | Average | No relevance | Interest Rate | 32 | 3 | 2 | 0 | Service Quality | 3 | 4 | 16 | 14 | Schemes available | 1 | 20 | 4 | 12 | Loan sanction time | 1 | 10 | 15 | 11 | The survey conducted among the investors also show the customer preferences regarding the different attributes like interest rate, service Quality , schemes available and Loan sanction time which affects the decision of taking the home loan. Almost 90% respondents say interest rate is the most important attribute which affect the decision of home loan. 65% respondent say schemes available is also important factor which affect the decision and 50% respondents think loan sanction time is also important. The loan sanction time includes the time from the file login for loan to time required for the sanction of the loan amount.

Interest rate Interest rate is the important attribute which give special edge to the companies to attract more customers. If we compare the interest rate of IHFL (10.50%) with the other financial institutions like HDFC (10.50%), LIC HFL (10.40%) and DHFL (11%) we find the IHFL should reduced the interest rate with 0.10% by doing this the IHFL became the first choice of the customer for home loan and LAP related products. Loan sanctioned time In the case of the salaried customer IHFL has a 48 hours loan sanction time that means from the login of the application file for loan is sanctioned within 2 days but the other financial institution are taken 4-5 days to sanction the loan. So in this way IHFL has the lowest time to sanction the loans which give another competitive edge to the company. Schemes available IHFL has the different income programs available are normal income program and surrogate income programs. In surrogate income programs the following income programs are included * LIP (Liquid income program), * LRD (Lease rental discounting) * Banking income programs This income programs match the needs of different customer of IHFL which gives a separate entity to the company among its competitors.

Findings Indiabulls can the target the customer who is looking for the home loan for buying the new property in Delhi and NCR but for the small ticket size. The following are the demographic profile of the prospective customer. AGE Age group | Number of person in percentage | 25 – 35 | 51% | 35 – 45 | 31% | The finding show that the customer of age group 25- 35 year are more interested in buying a new property in Delhi and NCR because the people of age group between 25- 35 year are more success oriented and to achieve the goals of the life as soon as possible. So they want to buy their first home as early as possible as we all know the real estate sector is at boom. This also benefits the IHFL to enter in to the segment of funding small tickets. The approximate budget for new property of this age group is 30- 50 lakhs and the customers between the age group of 35 – 45 year are also interested in buying property. Occupation Occupation | No. of person in percentage | Salaried | 66% | Self employed | 26% | Professional | 8% | The most of the prospective customer are from the salaried group. So the company should give more focused on the salaried segment of the customers. Only 8% customers belong to the professional segment. Salaried customers are more interested in buying the flats and apartments for the investment purpose as per the survey conducted among the customers. If the customer invests for the investment purpose they want the high appreciation in the property value and this is only possible if invest in the projects of category A builders as compare to the category B and category C builders. This also benefits the IHFL because the

projects of category A builder are already approved from the Indiabulls so the risk associated with the builder is reduced. Salary/ Income Salary | No. of person in percentage | Below 20000 | 11% | 20000 – 40000 | 55% | 40000 – 75000 | 21% | Above 75000 | 13% | The finding shows that 55% customer are belong to the salary group of Rs.20000 – 40000 which indicates that the customer of that income group is interest in only buying flats and Appartment which required small amount of loan for buying the new property in Delhi and NCR as where to customers belong to the salary group of above 75000. Experience in work/services Work experience | No. of person in percentage | Below 2 years | 11% | 2 – 5 years | 43% | 5 – 10 years | 27% | Above 10 years | 19% | The customers have work experience of 2 – 7 years are more interested in buying their first home with their saving. The salaried customer having work experience of 2 – 7 years are haaving small saving so they also interseted in buying the property which is in his budget or we say interest in buying the flats and appartments. The person having the work experience above 10 years are more interseted in buying the Luxury appartment and villas which required huge investment . So, IHFL should target the persons having working experience of 2 – 7 years to enter in to the segment of small ticket funding. Suggestions/ Recommendation More market penetration Market penetration is a growth strategy increasing sales to current market segments without changing the product. A company can increase sale of an existing product in an existing market in one of two ways. One is to increase its market penetration. That is, sell its products to more customers in the market, second is to increase the quantity sold per customer. That is to make the existing customer buy more of the product. IHFL should increase the customer by increasing the size of purchase by start funding small tickets and by offering incentives. Corporate tie-ups The study shows that the prospective customers belong to the salaried profile so IHFL go for the tie up with corporate to increase his business. By doing the corporate tie ups the employees of that company can easily apply for the home loan in IHFL and this also help in maintain a good relationship between the companies. Government enterprise tie ups The survey conducted among the customers show that the most of the customer are working with the private organization and tie up with the government organization give a new segment to the company to target. Builder’s tie-up IHFL can increase its market share in home loan segment by associating with small builders as it helps in building good relationship with builders and maintaining that relationship for future business prospective and it also help in increasing the customer base.

Please fill the questionnaire as per your choice :-
1.Name of the builder : ________________________________
2 .Contact details : ______________________________________ Address : ____________________________________________ _____________________________________________ Phone no : ____________________________________________ Email id : _____________________________________________ Website : _____________________________________________
3. Number of projects on going : ___________________________
4. projects details : | Project1 | Project2 | Project3 | Project4 | Location | | | | | No. of units | | | | | No. of units booked | | | | | Size of plot/flat | | | | | Price per sq.ft | | | | | Financer available for funding flats | | | | | Max loan available | | | | | Completion date | | | | |

5. Type of builder : * Small { } * Medium { } * Large { }

6. Customer Profile * Salaried { } * Self employed { }

BUILDERS SURVEY After getting the response from different builders this report is generated. The comparative study on the different builder and the different investors in the region of Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Neemrana, Rewari. Total number of project survey 44 Bar Graph showing the No. of projects of different Builders and No. of units constructed in respective projects: (Fig.1) The above graph shows the number of projects between the ranges 0-750(units) to above 4500(units). In this graph we can see that the number of those projects whose number of units is up to750 (constructed) is having the highest number of projects. It means according to the survey we found that 17 projects are running in different locations of the Delhi NCR as already mentioned above whose constructed units of flats are up to 750. Further it found that number of those projects whose number of units is between 750-1500 is having the 14 projects which are been constructed in different locations in NCR region. Apart from this I found that there are other several number of projects are being constructed whose number of units is between 1500- 5000. Bar Graph showing the No. of projects of different Builders in different locations and Price per sq.ft in respective projects: (Fig.2) The above graph shows the No. of projects of different Builders in different locations and Price per sq.ft in respective projects. According to the survey I found that there are 17 number of projects which has a price range per sq. ft of between ` 2000/- to ` 2500/-. From the comparative study on the different builders in different locations of NCR one interesting thing came in to light that most of the builders have kept their price in between the price range of ` 2000/- to ` 2500/- this shows that the target customer of builder have a huge impact on the per sq.ft price range.

This clearly indicate that consumers are driven by the competitive price range present in the market the, reason behind this is that price is a major constraint. Further we can see that between the price range of ` 2500/- to ` 3000/- there are 13 projects are being constructed in the different locations of NCR region. Apart from this we have other projects where the price range is below ` 2000/- per sq.ft and between ` 3000/- to ` 3500/- per sq.ft and the upper price range which have been kept by the builders is above ` 3500/-. Bar Graph showing the No. of financers available to provide Home Loan to their respective Builders in different locations which they offer to their consumers to purchase their flats / plots /apartments. (Fig.3)

The above graph shows the No. of approved projects of different Builders in different locations and the financers which consists of Nationalize Banks, Private Banks and Non Banking Financial Companies who are providing the Home loan to these respective project customers. According to the survey I found that more number of projects is approved by different nationalize banks and private banks and these banks are providing home loan facility to the customers. The banks like – HDFC, ICICI, PNB, SBI and AXIS banks etc. In all the surveyed projects we found that HDFC is providing Home loan in more than 30 projects, SBI is providing the home loan to 16 projects and LIC HFL and AXIS bank is providing the loan in 13 projects each. There are other banks also who are providing home loans but their numbers are less with respect to these banks. Now, the projects which are approved by the Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) like – Indiabulls, DHFL, FIRST BLUE etc. are less with respect to the above mentioned banks .If we look at the above fig we will find that number of projects approved and loan sanctioned to the customers are comparatively less the reason behind this is that the non banking financial companies are having more risk associated with these semi or not approved projects. The exact instance can be seen by the survey report that Indiabulls have provided the home loan in only 2 projects and as far as DHFL is concerned they have provided home loan in only 10 projects this shows that presence of other banks is more with respect to the NBFC’s. RISK ASSOCIATED WITH THE SMALL BUILDERS WITH RESPECT TO INDIABULLS: 1. Multiple funding of a particular project. 2. More chances of not completion of project(s) while they have taken the required amount of flat from the customers. 3. Completed the project but delayed in hand over to their respective owners. 4. More chances of delay in completion.

5. All approval of the concern project is pending from the local area development authority and has not been received. 6. Small Builders usually take 30% of amount of the projects but yet not started the projects. 7. More chances of incomplete documentation from the builder side. 8. Previous track record of the builder in market is not good. Reward associated with the small builders with respect to customers: 1. Affordable budget which can be easily availed by the customers. 2. In this type of projects the builder are in such a position where they can go for less negotiation which is better form the customers point of view. 3. Enlarge market - new market for to expand. 4. This type of market gives an immense chance of high business market. 5. More customers buy the flats/ property for end use so the chance of fraud becomes low/ the probability of risk reduces. 6. As the small builders build the small units but high in numbers this increase the number of customer for the loan provider companies. 7. Large customer base work as an advertisement campaign for the company. More satisfied customers give reference of the company to other relatives or friends. SUGGESTION Company can start funding small builders of Ghaziabad, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Neemrana, and Rewari. It can benefit IHFL to expand its market share, new markets; less bargaining power from the builder in terms of loan amount but IHFL takes some precautions before to fund this project i. e to provide home loan on the projects of small builders present in Raj nagar extension , Yamuna express way, Neemrana, Rewari. The company may go for the selective funding of the projects that means IHFL put some conditions on the funding of the projects. LTV policy IHFL in normal cases provide approximate 80% LTV but for small builders the IHFL should give it at the reduce rate of 60% to 65 % in order to reduce risk involved with the small builders. The reason behind this is that when IHFL give the loan amount on less or reduced LTV then they will invest more equity on their own on the respected projects and IHFL will be in a more safe position in order to recover their invested loan amount in different projects. When LTV will be decreases then the chances of delinquency will be less. Previous track record of the builder A study of the previous track record of the builder’s projects should be taken in consideration while funding the loan amount in order to check the construction ability of the builder in the market and also investigation of those projects which are completed and currently running in different locations and also the project is completed on time or not. Proper checking of approvals and other documents Before funding the projects the technical team of IHFL should check whether the builder have taken all the approvals from the respective authorities or not and other documents like – * Approval from the local development authority * Free hold land agreement from the tenants * Approval of the construction map & site For this the company should have the separated dedicated technical and legal teams for checking the approval of these small builders. To set the upper Limit IHFL should set upper limits in terms of the loan amount and number of units funded in a project that is, IHFL should provide home loan only on 10 – 20% units in a projects. Upper limit (cap) for the interest rate on a loan. This clause is commonly included in adjustable rate mortgage agreements, and does not allow any increase beyond the cap for the entire duration of the loan. Sample based funding In this funding type the company funds the different projects randomly that means the company select only some projects in particular area and providing home loan on that projects if the performance of that is up to mark then start funding other builder of that region. Record maintenance in system IHFL should maintain the regular records of the all builder along with their projects on which the company provides the home loan. This help the company to know how many units in particular project are already funded and how many units are left also provide the information related to the other financial institutions who also provide the home loan on this projects Regular check It means IHFL should keep regular check on these type projects of small builders or the builder of category B and category C builder’s projects either the project is completed according to the plan layout or not and the project is able to complete on time or not.

Indiabulls’ home loan process involves a series of steps. They are as follows: 1. Application 2. Sanction 3. Disbursement

SOURCES OF LOAN APPLICANTS 1) WALK IN: - This refers to the Applicants who apply for the loan by going to the service centre or regional branch office .They may have come to know about IHFL home loan service from any source but this is their first contact with IHFL is in absence of any intermediary like friends, sales men etc. The applicants who contact through or by the Website are also included in the walk in category. Walk-In applicants are given concessions on fees and charges which is applicable from time to time. 2) BUILDER RELATION: - This refers to the applicants that come in contact with IHFL through builder relations i.e. many builder approved their project with many nationalized bank or non banking financing companies (NFCs) to easily provide home loan on their project. It means that the titles and the documents of the property have been examined by a bank/financial institution (FI) on the request of a builder. Banks/FI’s have the technical know-how, so their assessment will be a comprehensive one- it also takes into consideration things like the track record of the builder among several other things. All pre-approved means is that the property is legally authorized and the builder is a trustworthy one. So the customer can also apply through builder for home loan in IHFL. Builders provide the details of these customers to the sales team of Indiabulls for contacting to the customer and for further processing related to the home loan. 3) Associates - Associates provides the details of that prospective customers to the sales team of the IHFL which is turn the prospective customers into the clients of the Indiabulls by using cold calling marketing approaches. After knowing about the prospective customer from different sources. Actual work of the sales team start to convert the prospective customers into clients of the Indiabulls it includes. * Taking appointment from the customer * Filling application form

Application form and documents collection a) Application Form: It can also be downloaded from IHFL user friendly web based Portal. b) KYC (Know your customer documents): * Age proof: Copy of your school leaving certificate/Driving license/Passport/ ration card/PAN card/Election Commission's card/etc. * Address proof: Similar documents need to be provided to prove that you are actually staying at your current address. * Your employment details: If your company is not well-known, then a short summary about the nature of the company, its business lines, its main customers, its competitors, number of offices, number of employees, turnover, profit, etc may be needed. Usually, the company profile that is available on the standard website of the company is enough. c) Processing fee cheque: Sales team also collects the processing fee cheque in favor of “Indiabulls housing Finance Ltd”. Now, file is completed with all documents in the first step then login to the credit department.

Complete file received by credit officer When the sale person received the duly filled application form for home loan/ loan against property (LAP) with all required documents like PF cheque, KYC and Income documents from the customer. The complete file for loan is given to credit department for further processing of loan like to check the eligibility of the applicant for the loan amount he applied, technical and legal reports is also generated in this step i.e. in sanction process. Entry in the Application processing system (APS) APS is software used by the Indiabulls for the further processing. In this software APS- id is generated which is unique to identify the details of that customer also in this step all general information related to the applicant like name of the applicant, permanent & mailing address of the applicant, Loan requirement details, Employment details. CIBIL [Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited] CIBIL is a external agency which collects and maintains records of all the individual‘s payments pertaining to loans and credit cards. These records are submitted to CIBIL by banks and other lenders, on a monthly basis. This information is then used to create Credit Information Reports (CIR) and credit scores which are provided to lenders in order to help evaluate and approve loan applications.
De duplication
An internal search is made in the company’s database to check whether there is any information about the customer available with the company. This would tell the company about the customer in the past and if the answer is affirmative then whether the performance of the customer is making the repayments was up to the mark or where there any lapses with valid reason. FCI/ FCU In the field investigation HFC or banks sent their representatives to the existing residence of the applicants or their offices for the validation of the documents submitted. This is the essential part for the banks to establish the trust with the applicants. Technical Assessment Banks are extremely careful about the property they plan to finance. They send an expert to visit the premises you intend to purchase. This expert could either be a bank employee or he could belong to a firm of architects or civil engineers.
Legal Assessment The sole purpose of all this exercise is to ensure that the property has a clear title, is technically sound and meets the valuation standards of the bank. After collecting all the verification reports like credit information report from CIBIL, field investigation report from external agencies, technical & legal report of the property mortgaged as a security for a loan from technical department. All the information is updated in the system.

Interview/Personal discussion This is to gather more details about the customer that may not be mentioned in the application form and in collected information about the customer related to his qualification, family background and about his current employment or previous one. After this decision related to the sanctioning of the loan is taken. If the loan is sanction loan sanction letter is sent to the applicant both through mail and courier also informed the applicant through SMS or through telephone. Loan Sanction letter The bank then issues a sanction letter. This letter may either be an unconditional letter, or may have certain terms and conditions mentioned, which you have to fulfill before the loan disbursal.

Signing the home loan agreement: After receiving the loan sanction letter/ offer letter from the IHFL. All borrowers need to sign the home loan agreement in the branch office of IHFL. The original property documents have to be handed over to the Indiabulls at this stage. Disbursement: The big payout After the bank has ensured that the property is legally and technically clear, all the original documents pertaining to transfer of ownership of property in your favor have been submitted and all the necessary loan agreements have been executed, finally, it is payment time.
The cheque will be in the name of the reseller (for resale flats), builder, society or the development authority. It is only in exceptional circumstances, that is, if you provide documents to support that you have made an excess payment from your own account that the cheque will be handed over to you directly by the bank. Disbursement in stages Usually loans are disbursed on the basis of the stage of construction of the property. So, in case of resale or ready possession properties, the disbursement is full and final. However, in case of under-construction properties, the payment is made in parts, also known as part disbursement.

Introduction of new enhanced working system Excel CAM (previous) System CAM (Current) Initially CAM is prepared on the excel sheets that means to calculate the eligibility of the applicant those who apply for the loan excel sheets are used but now the CAM is prepared online that means to calculate the eligibility of applicant online processing is used. These changes in preparing the CAM bring good result in the processing. The following are the benefits of this change.

* Database: Computer facilitates the establishment of database ,such a database integrates data records and reduces data redundancy which helps in proper calculation of loan process. * Reduced cost: Though the initial investment for installing a computer is high, but it substantially reduces the cost of each of its transaction. Cost reduction occurs due to processing of huge data and record keeping. * Volume: system can store large volumes of data and can retrieve the desired information quickly as and when required. * Faster data transfer - We can exchange data and information with the other department like credit, operation very easily and quickly. Recommendation The system CAM is only used for salaried profile customer it should also use for the self employed profile customer. By using the online system CAM for both the customer profile in SAL & SEP it will benefit the IHFL in following ways- * Process time reduces * Easily reports available * Easily data review In CAM system employees used to send mails from one level to another level for the approval purpose. Which take time for the approval process .We would like to suggest the IHFL that it can be done in Galaxy system then the approval will be automatically done online.

OPERATION Banking process PDCs (post dated cheques) presentation PDCs are the conventional mode of repayment opted by customers. The process of presentation is as follows: * There are 5 cycles 1st, 3rd, 5th, 10th and 20th for which the presentation happened. * 15 days before presentation date a batch creation file is pulled out from the system. * PDCs are pulled out from the respective vaults as per this file. * Once all the cheques are pulled out, they are again tally with this file and a 100% reconciliation of the file versus the physical PDCs is done. * Hard copy of the cheques along with the details is sent to the bank through courier. Also the soft copy is mailed to the bank. * The status for the cheques is received from the bank as per the presentation. * Once get the complete status from the bank is updated in the system.

DOCUMENTATION REVIEW Application Form An application form is an important document which gives first or basic information about the person those who applied for the home loan. The application form is an integral document which each and every business houses, government organisation and other different bodies running, posses to keep a track record of the applied applications. One can know the importance of an application form that if some issues came which is of very previous year than at that very time a physical copy of an application form which was kept with the respected organisation shows its relevance. Application form of Indiabulls This application form is designed in such a way that all the information which the company needs to have while accessing an individual whether he /she is liable to take the loan? What is their repayment capacity? And all the other demography and asset related information is taken in order to filter and judge the consumer those who have applied for the Home Loan. One of the innovative thing which this home loan application form Indiabulls provide is a unique number by the help of which any application and its applicant details can be easily traced out whenever the information is required by the IHFL. Features of the new application form 1) The new form is better in terms of sequence of proper information regarding individuals their investments, assets and their existing loans. 2) There is better transparency in the new application form as whatever the details required by the company and the details given by the applicant is correct and clear. 3) The probability of default rate by the applicant is less as compare to previous. 4) In the new application form there is a particular section provided in the form regarding their insurance, assets, investment in order to check the loan repayment capability of the applicant which help the company to take the decision in approval of loan. LOAN SANCTIONED LETTER The sanctioned letter is an important document of IHFL. This letter is issued as a thanking letter for choosing the Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited (IHFL). whenever any loan is sanctioned once it passes through all the checking and disbursement process. This very letter is a critical document as it gives the loan applicant full details of his / her loan amount and other vital information such as – sanctioned amount, type of facility, rate of interest, tenor, processing fee etc. Important Attributes of the Loan Sanctioned Letter Reference No. : 234743 (e.g.) The reference number is the number which is generated each time when ever any applicant apply for any kind of loan he/she applied for HL , LAP , TOP Up’s etc. This is also important because from this number IHFL can retrieve all the respective details of the applicant. Name of the Applicant: To whom this loan sanctioned letter has been issued that applicant’s name is mentioned on it. Address of the Applicant: The address of the applicant which he/she has written on the loan application form and also approved by the IHFL‘s Field Counter Investigation (FCI) done by the authorized vendors. Name of the Co- Applicant/Guarantor: Name of the co- applicant/guarantor whose name is mentioned in the loan application form,it is mandatory because in case of default these persons to be contacted and it also to safe guard the sanctioned loan.

Type of Facility: What kind of facility is provided to the applicant that is – Home Loan, Loan against Property (LAP), Consumer Vehicle Loan etc. Sanctioned Amount: The amount of loan sanctioned which is applied by the applicant. For Ex. ` 30,00000/- Purpose of Loan: For instance - purchase of property (residential), (commercial) etc. Loan Tenure (Months): 240 months that is the loan will be to re-payed in 20 years of time period. Interest Type: Adjustable Interest Rate (AIR) Rate of Interest: 10.5 % (which is the current interest rate of the Indiabulls for the home loan purpose). Adjustable Interest Rate (AIR): FRR (Floating Reference Rate) – 6.5 % Margin Current FRR 17 % Sanctioned Letter Validity: The sanctioned letter which is issued by the Indiabulls is valid for the time period of 60 days or two month from the date of issue of the letter. First Installment Amount: For example: ` 29959/- which the applicant has to pay on monthly basis for the loan tenure. Total Processing Fee: Non -Refundable For example: ` 2809/- which will be deducted at the time of first disbursement and the last disbursement of the loan amount. i.e ` 1130/- (first disbursal) + ` 1679/-(last disbursal).

Address of the Property offered as security: The address of the applicant which he/ she have offered as security purpose. Some Special Conditions: These conditions are the policy of the Indiabulls which is to be followed by the applicant. Other Details: Authorised Signatory Customer Signature

SUMMERY/CONCLUSION Indiabulls as we all know that it is one of the India’s leading Financial and Real Estate Company with a wide presence throughout India. Indiabulls Financial services Limited was established in the year 2000 by three promoters all of whom are engineers from Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, and has attracted over Rs 700 million of investment from venture capital firms, private equity funds and institutional investors. The topic was very interesting “STUDY ON BUILDER MARKET AND HOME LONE PROCESS REVIEW “.we has gone through the credit policy of the Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited (IHFL). During the summer internship program I have came to know about the different terminology related to these particular segment like – Mortgage , LAP , LTV,FOIR,CIBIL report , FCI, FCU,PDC, ECS,OTC etc. Knowing these terms and learning these terminologies is a knowledgeable and good experience. I also came to know about the different customers segment whose needs are catered by the IHFL. The sourcing process – how the clients are contacted, what are the documents required by the company further I learn about the sanctioned process and after that disbursal process. During this summer internship program I have been assigned a topic in which I have designed a questionnaire related to the investor’s point of view about the home loan. I have approached about 100 respondents and collected about 90 responses by which I came to know about their previous loan experience and also about their future plan to avail home loan facility. Further I also did a survey of the builders present in Delhi NCR of different locations such as – Ghaziabad, Raj nagar extension, Faridabad, Noida etc. I have surveyed to about 44 projects and collected information about their units which are constructed in different, their rates, plot/flat sizes, their documentations etc. I also came to know about the other non-banking companies who are also providing the home loans to the people who are purchasing the property. I also came to know about the credit appraisal process which was really a knowledgeable achievement for me further I also went to the operations where I came to know about the

process from where actual disbursement takes place and the banking executions goes with the help of TEK PROCESS a vendor which works for the Indiabulls housing finance limited.

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...presentation of your findings, and manage the time and skills of your group members. The objective of this assignment is to persuade your audience/potential investors that you have identified an opportunity that fills an important gap in the market. You are asked to identify an idea for a new venture and conduct an environmental analysis (PEST, Five Forces, size of market) to prove that your idea is worth funding. Essentially, you are answering two questions: What is your idea and why does it represent a worthwhile opportunity in the business environment? This project is worth 20 marks of your BU111 final grade and consists of three components: • 4 marks for the New Venture Preliminary Report (hard copy due BEFORE Friday, October 12th at 12 noon; turnitin and peer evaluations due BEFORE Friday, October 12th at 12 midnight • 10 marks for the Final Report (hard copy due BEFORE Friday, November 16th at 12 noon and turnitin and peer evaluations BEFORE Friday, November 16th at 12 midnight) • 6 marks for the New Venture Presentations (done in Labs #10 or #11 as assigned by TA – peer evaluations due BEFORE Wednesday, December 5th at 12 midnight) Details on what is required and how to complete and submit each of the above components are provided below. New Venture Idea Qualification In order for your new venture idea to qualify as a legitimate opportunity, it should possess the following three essential characteristics: 1) creates value...

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Cougars on the Bay

...Utter chaos or sheer comical genius? The Eric Andre Show transcends what most people typically think of in terms of a variety show. This man has taken his talents as a comedian and created something that is truly unforgettable. The show on Wednesday, September 19 started with Eric Andre running out on stage throwing beer, sandwiches, what seemed to be chicken carcasses, and many other objects out into the crowd as he jumped off stage and began to run through the dense mass of people pushing, shoving, and simply making a riot amongst the observers. He disappeared and shortly after appeared back on stage fully naked running around the set. Things slowly settled down and it was time for his first guest, Russell Brandt. The crowd grew eager and when he finally came on stage, it was clear that it was in fact not he. Either that, or Russell Brandt changed his image to that of a malnourished Philadelphian homeless person. Once on stage “Brandt” sang a song, in what seemed to be English accompanied by a plastic guitar and a 2 liter bottle filled with some unknown foamy liquid that eventually also ended up in the crowd. His next two guests consisted of a local juggler and Freeway, who is a native rapper of North Philadelphia. It was clear that neither of the two were aware of what they were actually participating in. Right as the juggler was about to begin his performance, the lights dimmed and Doc Chicken emerged. This was nothing more than a rubber chicken with a stethoscope...

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Conflict Scenorio

...One of the strategies we discussed to resolve the conflict was (1) Meet with the three employees to discuss their ideas, (2) Meet with Jan and Marc to understand why they are unable to come to an agreement or compromise, (3) As the manager direct each employee to develop and present their ideas about the ad to a management team. The first strategy we discussed was to have a meeting with Jan, Sally, and Marc to find out why and how we could help them come to a decision about the ad. Allow each employee to present what ideas they have for the ad. As the manager listen to the idea, explain to them your views on what makes a successful ad, and make any suggestions for improvement on the ideas, if needed. Feedback is welcome, but we have a deadline to meet. Ask each one of them what they can produce to help promote this ad. Also remind them that they have been successful in the past and we are sure you can work together to solve this conflict. It’s about compromising. The second strategy is meeting with Jan and Marc, since they were unable to compromise. Even though they worked very well together in the past and Sally tried to get them to come to an agreement they could not set their personal values aside. The manager needs to be the negotiator to guide employees to see others views. Compromise is the key to good negotiation. You need to be able to give in a little to get closer to what you want. Have Marc and Jan present their ideas for the ad, give feedback on...

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Team Charter

...Attendance & Contribution: • Everyone should contribute to the assignment on daily basis and inform of any issue if there is any exception. • Participate in decisions about group planning, assignments, etc. • If one cannot contribute for whatever reason, please notify in a timely manner. • Participate is must at least three times weekly if discussion is required. Assignment Submission: • Meet assignment deadlines agreed to by the team to allow for final submission on time. • Due date for individual contributions should be set as Friday by noon for each team assignment- giving team lead ample time to compile and submit the project by Sunday. • We should be able to target the submission timeline a day before so that we have enough time to react to any contingency. Team work: • We should work together as a team to deliver the assignment and utilize the strengths of each other. • Make sure that we are unified in the final product. • Be open and willing to do one’s part Weekly Meetings: • A weekly meeting should be held so that the defining of roles for each assignment can be done. • We should meet weekly once in the begging of assignment no later than Wednesday to define roles, assigning a team lead and assignment delivery structure. • Stay in contact with team members via forum or email at least 3 times weekly. • Communicate fairness issues openly and professionally Exceptions: • Team lead and team member should be notified immediately if there is...

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Managers Perspective and the reasons – Our team worked very well together on the project. We divided up the work load and each team member submitted a chapter. Everyone checked the group discussion board every day and made comments when appropriate. 2) how you and your team members might have worked better together and what you would do differently if you were to work together again – We worked very well together on the project, as we have done throughout the class. We each individually did research and submitted a chapter. Everyone was involved in editing and making suggestions for improvement of the final paper. 3) what could improve this activity, anything in the course content or anything the instructor might do in the future – I would like to have had more experience in working with the Excel templates provided on the text CD-ROM and it would have been insightful to tie this in with our final project. Names of Team Members In the table below, list your own name as the 1st team member. Then list the names of the other members of your team. You probably have fewer than seven members—just use as many rows as you need. Ratings To rate yourself and the rest of your team use this scale and mark an “x” to show your rating: 5 = exceptionally superior; 4=completely satisfactory 3 = sufficiently supportive; 2 = barely there but valuable; 1 = undesirable or interfering Rationale For each team member, state the role, overall contribution, and reasons for your rating. Keep your comments brief...

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Edu 644 Week 3 Dq 1 Website Sharing and Feedback you give and receive will support enhancements to your website as you continue to develop it throughout the course leading up to the final evaluation in Week Six. Review the Week Three Instructor Guidance for further details about participating in this discussion. Initial Post: Create an initial post that includes a link to your website created for the Week Two Assignment and that addresses the following: a.    Discuss your experience creating the website. Note any challenges you experienced and how you overcame them. b.    Share something that you learned while constructing your own website and discuss what you have enjoyed or disliked most about the process of creating the website thus far. c.    Reflecting on what your finished website will look like, describe your vision for the website’s design and content and how you can potentially use this as a personal resource or in your current or anticipated professional practice. Guided Response: Respond to a minimum of two peers. Make an effort to respond to two peers that you didn’t engage with in the previous discussions. In responses, provide feedback to your peers about their website’s design and their working definition of at-risk. Additionally, provide constructive recommendations for how your peers can enhance their websites and definitions to meet the expectations for the final submission in Week Six. Though two replies is the basic expectation, for deeper engagement and learning you are encouraged to provide responses...

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Edu 644 Week 6 Final Creating a Web-Based Resource for a Population at Risk

...EDU 644 Week 6 Final Creating a Web-Based Resource for a Population At Risk To Buy This material Click below link Throughout this course, you have had the opportunity to examine various populations at risk and learn about strategies and resources to support these groups. You have reviewed many websites that offer services for a variety of populations at risk as well, which have hopefully served as models for your website that is finalized for this Final Project. In the Final Project, you will demonstrate mastery of the five course learning outcomes by completing the website resource you have been designing throughout the course that describes what you learned about children and families at risk as well as a specific population you selected as a focus during Week Five. Additionally, the website you create here may be an effective artifact to include in your MAED program eportfolio during your enrollment in the Capstone, EDU695, and will likely be useful to you as a resource for future professional work with your chosen population at risk from this project. Create your Final Project to using the content and written communication instructions below. Use the Grading Rubric to review your Final Project before submission to ensure you have met the distinguished performance for each of the components described below. For additional assistance, review the Week Six Instructor...

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