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Motivation is about things that you think you should do or that you're supposed to do. I loved my boyfriend very much. He was very kind, helpful, smart, very intelligent, and just a wonderful man. But I always think, that he thinks I’m too skinny. Because he always tell me to eat more, not because I’m too skinny because it’s not good for my health. Sometimes he told me, he thinks I'm too skinny and he doesn't like it. I like the long lean look and try to take care of myself. I don't diet, I just have a healthy lifestyle. I'm 5'6" about 110 lbs. he sometimes asked me what I've eaten during the day. Must times the time I wonder if he doesn't like my body. But I like my body the way it is. When my Boyfriend and I started our relationship, he never mention that he does not like my body or I’m too thin for him. It was hard for me to explain to him that I’m slim, not skinny, and I always over eat too. And I was really motivated to break up my relationship. And I did break up with him, because I was really sick of telling him that I’ve always been slim, or defending my appetite. I did not want to lose him but, it really hurts my feelings when I see he does not like my body. This would be cognitive approaches to motivation (pg. 289) is Theories suggesting that motivation is a result of people's thoughts, beliefs, expectations, and goals. Also (pg.291) talks about cognitive approach, the thoughts behind motivation, motivation, the factors that direct and energize the behavior of humans and other

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