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Immigrants in the New World

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Immigrants in the New World Essay Immigrants encounter several issues when moving from different areas of the world. The three main issues of migrating are employment, social integration and language barriers. They must encounter the struggles arising from a change in society and with its advancing development newcomers must bear even greater challenges. However, as the people of our society tend to grow outward in a positive, encouraging and welcoming manner, growing wary through stressful considerations of migration are become less and less of an issue. Immigrants, despite their intellect, skill and abilities in any general field, they are less likely to be considered for a field of employment and/or position than that of one who is native to the country. Many newcomers come to realize that they are unable to receive anything more than low-paying positions. Those possessing foreign qualifications may find it difficult to compare to the standards of the new country. In some cases, employers may not consider employees of specific racial backgrounds. These factors make job availability increasingly more difficult that it already is which his rather disappointing considering societal development. The world is composed of people who perceive culture views and standards of society in very different manners. When immigrating to another country, one must accommodate for societal values to make for an easier flow in the transitioning of lifestyle. Religious beliefs and traditions are widespread which may shock those of who are newly introduced as they are used to a more monoculture society. One must be tolerant and abiding to the new set of laws and regulations that follow in and that may differentiate to that of their previous residing. It is crucial for newcomers to be both prepared for and aware of what awaits them in the new world. One’s language expresses their self-identity in the form of conveying emotions, share feelings and stories, messages, and knowledge. The majority of immigrants find it difficult to communicate and adopt the language when faced with a multi-lingual society. Language barriers hinder one’s ability to achieve a desired ranking on an economic scale. Also education facilities may not reinforce knowledge and understanding of a subject making it harder for newcomers at younger ages to grasp the content. Our language gives us the ability to communicate and without it, making a living is fairly complex. Overall, the experience as an immigrant is a difficult lifestyle to adopt and rise to more favourable position in society. They must overcome the barriers of employment, social integration and language to begin life in the new country. Over time however, it will become a routine that will naturally build on itself and become easier every step of the way. With our progressing development in society views, these issues are only of temporary and will soon be grown out of.

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