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Impact of Ads

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I hereby declare that this project is my original work and it has not been submitted in this form or any other form to this or any other institution for examination purposes. Any quotation made has been referenced accordingly.

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I wish to dedicate this project to my beloved son Elvis Kipkorir for his motivation,Mr Philip kibet , my parents and my supervisor for the guidance she has accorded me. Above all I do thank almighty God for his love and grace.


I wish to thank the almighty God for keeping me alive and providing me with wisdom, capacity and courage to go through the four year course successfully.

I appreciate and also humbled to give my special thanks to my supervisor Ms. Jamiah Mayanja. Thank you for your guidance, advice and time you accorded to me during the completion of this report.

Special thanks to my to Rose, Antoh, Phillip, Wahito, Shikoh, Aggrey, Wickie, Tony, Emily and all those other friends and relatives who supported me during the course.









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