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Important Technology

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Important Technology

Whether your are a man or woman, adult or child; we all use technology. Technology is used at home, at work and at school. In Robin Abrams' speech “Looking at Technology Through Women’s Eyes” (1995) She says “There are no women CEOs running major computer manufacturing companies around the world, and only a few at the helm of software companies.” I have to agree with her as to her, it is extremely difficult to find balance between personal and professional responsibilities. These challenges will always exist for women with families. And I believe most woman would always work a less demanding position to ease the balance.

If I had to choose which technology I could not live without, it would have to be my cell phone. I no longer have a land line. Therefore, my cell phone is my only source of communication with my family, my boys' teachers and co-workers/bosses. What worries me about our dependency on some technology, is if you had to go back to the day that certain technology did exist like GPS would you remember how to use a map? If you were at the library and the computer system there was down, would you remember how to use the card catalog? I'm sure there are some people who don't even know what a card catalog is. With all that being said I do not think I could live off the grid. Maybe for a week or two vacation. But not for any longer then that.

Going off the grid would be good because it would force one to get back in touch with nature. It would give you time to clear your head and unwind. Getting back to the basics of life like years ago when life was simple. It definitely would take a little time to get used to. But would be a nice break. I do not feel that in my profession (human resources), I would be able to go off the grid. I use the telephone several times throughout the day and make multiple copies of documents . Limited access to technology would impact my job by slowing down the process. I use the internet to do several types of background checks on employees. I use spreadsheets and a payroll program as well. I also use the internet to obtain training material to keep my employees current.


Abrams, R. (1995). Looking at technology through women's eyes

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