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Improving Organizational Performance Paper

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Improving organizational performance Paper PSY/428

Improving organizational performance Paper

The current economic health of business around the world leaves little to no room for error concerning productivity. With this the science of organizational psychology can make a positive change of the company (Jex & Britt, 2008). The following paper will illustrate what cause and effects can have on a company through the use of the improving organizational performance simulation. In the following the concepts of choices made during the simulation will be discussed; as well, what motivational theories to use and what are the affects to reduce workplace stressors.
In the first part of the simulation the student is introduced to the organization as an organizational psychologist for hire. The psychologist is hired to improve the failing company before it is too late to recover. Upon introduction to the company the first search for information done was to implement an JDI (job descriptive index), along with profiling the personal, and viewing a blog that was available (Apollo Group Simulation, 2005).
With the information that was available, the members of the company were not happy because that the organization is not living up to his or her expectations prior to joining, and his or her suggestions are not taken seriously. This was the correct choice according to the simulation. As the simulation did demonstrate through the survey, and blog that the employees were dissatisfied with the build-up that this company once had. This is available by paying attention to the underlying comments, and ignoring the pay issues, as noted in the simulation there will always be pay complaints (Apollo Group Simulation, 2005). The second part of the simulation is concerned with that the employees consider the organization an inflexible and rigid boulder.…...

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