In Cold Blood, the American Dream and Loss of Innocence

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The American Dream
In the non-fiction novel In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, four horrific murders shock the small, innocent town of Holcomb, Kansas, the murders all occur on one night killing an entire family. Before the killings, the town felt like a family. The citizens of Holcomb were seen as good people, innocent and free of worry. However, after the Clutter murders take place, a community that seems so tightly knit quickly dissipates. The murder of the Clutter family causes a loss of innocence for the citizens of Holcomb as well as for the murderers (Dick and Perry). This loss of innocence undermines the American dream for not only the citizens of Holcomb, but also for Dick and Perry.
Herb Clutter, a man of success, great respect, seems to live the American Dream. He owns a large house, possesses a farm, and has a loving family. Herb runs the Four H club and holds a very active position in his church. The citizens of Holcomb think of Herb as a leader, a friend, and a mentor. But in a matter of seconds, everything Herb works so hard for vanishes before his eyes. “Everything Herb had, he earned- with the help of God. He was a modest man but a proud man, as he had the right to be. He raised a fine family. He made something of his life.” (49). Herb believes he earns everything with the help of God. He did not lie; cheat nor steal his way to success, but he earns it, through hard and vigorous work. No one in Holcomb ever expects that a man with so much respect would find a shotgun in his face. Herb no longer serves as a model for the community of what hard work can bring, but…...