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Income Inequality In The Middle Class

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Inequality begins its roots as long ago as humans started roaming this earth. Inequality can be described also as an imbalance, and with such an imbalance in terms of income, wealth, and class prosperity comes income inequality. Income inequality or economic inequality can be described as the imbalance between income of individuals or household within a country or class. When income inequality is brought up or mentioned, most people think about it in regards to the impoverished class and the ultra rich 1% but this is not the case. In a world that is becoming more and more integrated, economic inequality between the middle class and the top 1% is becoming much more relevant and much more of a problem that needs to be addressed. We live in a …show more content…
In the manifesto Marx and Engels expose both the extreme hypocrisy and class struggles between the working class (proletariat) and the ruling class (bourgeoisie). Now there is a big difference the “wealthy” and the “bourgeoisie.” The wealthy simply have an excess of wealth but the bourgeoisie have a combination of wealth and more importantly, they have property along with immense amount of influence within the economy and the government. Such a distinction in economic classes is directly relatable to the current situation within the United States. Marx and Engels argue that every human society of people has two very distinct classes, “the class of haves and the class of haves not”. The haves in society are those who are wealthy and those who have power within that particular society. The haves not are those in a society who the less privileged class and the class that will get controlled by the other powerful class. In Marx’s opinion, he believes that there is always a negative relationship that is brewing between these two classes of people due to the fact that the rulers …show more content…
For example, when George W. Bush was running for president he received massive donations from the Lehman Brother, Goldman Sachs, and other extremely wealthy and powerful organizations and individuals. Since they donated money to finance his campaign and help him get elected it was now their turn to reap the benefits and what did they get? They got massive tax cuts, a deregulated economy and after they ruined the US economy they received billions of dollars in TAXPAYER bailouts. Another example of such buying and selling politicians is the campaign of Barrack Obama. During his campaign he received large donations from Goldman Sachs which when he got in office he appointment one of their lobbyist, Mark Patterson, to be the Chief of Staff to Treasury Secretary. Google also was a major contributor and to help Google the Obama administration used taxpayer dollars to buy and implement Google advertising so that typing “Obama Care” into Google would bring users to the website. This is exactly what Marx and Engels were talking about in their manifesto in regards to the ruling classes having control over the state.

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