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Case Study for Fund-raising Gala Dinner Project

Case Study for Fund-raising Gala Dinner Project

Table of Contents

1 Project Charter P.2
2 WBS for Starry Night Charity Gala P.7
3 Duration in Calendar Day & Man-days of Each Work P.8
4 Network Diagram by PDM P.9
5 Project End Date Calculation P.10
6 Critical Path Identification P.10
7 Milestone Chart P.11
8 15 Risk Events P.12
9 Risk Probability and Impact Matrix P.13
10 Risk Response Actions P.14
11 Short Memo for Changing the Event Management Approach P.16
12 Ten Possible Risk in the Outsourcing Attempt P.17
13 Ten Selection Criteria to Select Outsourcing Management Company P.20
14 Human Resource Problem (Peter and Mary Case Study) P.24
15 Three Strategies to Deal with the Change Request P.27
16 Actions to Prevent the Conflict P.28

Project Charter Project Name: | Starry Night Charity Gala | Date of Authorization: | 1-Mar-2012 | Project Start Date: | 1-Mar-2012 | Project Finish Date: | 27-Aug-2012 | Business Need:The project of Starry Night Charity Gala, a Fund-raising Gala Dinner event, will be organized for financing the Rehabilitation Training Program to be launched in September 2012. The Rehabilitation Training Program is a major new service of the Rehabilitation Center, under a division of the Vocational Rehabilitation Services of South China Group of Hospitals, which aims to help disabled adults resulting from the stroke or accident by providing occupational rehabilitation and retraining services.Therefore, to ensure the implementation of the Rehabilitation Training Program in September 2012, a fund-raising project is needed for planning and coordination of the Starry Night Charity Gala for reaching HKD $2.5 million fund-raising target. | Project Objectives: * By the event of Starry Night Charity Gala, raising HKD $2.5

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