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Computer literacy

We are all aware that the library is a great source for information but why is Ashford Universities Online library important and what are the benefits? For students at Ashford the library offers many benefits such as tutorials and how to guides that can and will help you through your classes and essay writing assignments. There is a lot to be said about the Ashford library mission statement located in the “about the library” tab at the top of the page. It states “The mission of the Ashford University Library is to support Ashford University in its mission to provide accessible, affordable, innovative, high-quality learning opportunities and degree programs that meet the diverse needs of individuals pursuing integrity in their lives, professions, and communities through research, resources, instruction, and services.” (

Ashford’s library is an Internet based fully digital online library, which means with a few key searches of many databases that I will talk about later, you can find, research and use almost anything imaginable. The online library is also a proprietary one that limits its access to only registered students and Ashford faculty members. A major benefit in this category is that every piece of information you need you can find and that it’s a scholarly resource. You can trust that the information is credible and trustworthy so you can source it without worry. Scholarly resources are written to be used by students and for research purposes. “The electronic resources available to you include scholarly journal and general magazine articles, e-books (academic and reference), newspaper articles, company profiles, legal documents, reports, conference proceedings, government publications, and more.” ( Another type of resource, which is NOT found in the Ashford library, are popular resources. These are less complicated articles and written in a more plain language that is easier for a certain type of audience to understand. Knowing that everything you find and research is scholarly means, for us students, no more Wikipedia! Whoo hoooo!

As mentioned above the Ashford library is comprised of databases. There are way to many to list here however the intro to the library and personal experience suggests that ProQuest, JSTOR, EBSHOHost and Project MUSE are the most useful. ProQuest and EBSHOHost are collection of other databases that almost anything can be found while JSTOR and Project MUSE are more geared towards the full text journal items and does not contain magazines or newspaper articles. I mentioned that the library offers tutorials to help you along and these databases can be a bit overwhelming especially to a first time user. No worries, there are tutorials to teach you how to use them.

I personally feel that Ashford has a great product with all the tools required for success. Is there any room for improvements? Sure there are but nothing’s perfect.

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