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Influences of Visual Media Paper


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Influences of Visual Media Paper HUM/176 Professor Craig Bowler

There are many forms of visual entertainment readily accessible to us; it has become the primary source of entertainment. Visual entertainment only has not helped shape American culture but also its values. Visual entertainment comes in many forms; whether it is reading a newspaper, magazines, or just watching television. Visual media has many numerous advantages as well as some disadvantages. Advisements are used to target individuals that find their product appealing. This compels viewers to buy the latest technology gadget or to wear the latest fashion clothes. Media has also changed the way we communicate and this has improved our culture in many ways. For example, in the recent years it has been possible to connect on real time with someone across the world through a computer. Now we are able to connect with people through a simple device like the IPhone 4S. The IPhone 4S lets a person talk through face time and allows them to see each other. Visual media has also made a huge impact on young children and teenagers. With all the new artists coming out changing the music and media culture the younger generation is looking up to them more each day. The younger generations view these artists as role models and want to be exactly like them.

The music industry has changed media forever. Artists have introduced us to many different cultures and their music as well. Artist like Lady gaga have paved the road for young adults not to be afraid to speak up or reach high for their dreams. Beyoncé has also paved the road for woman all over the world to feel empowered by their femininity and stand strong. Centuries ago women could not freely express themselves the way they do now. In addition, this has helped shaped a new lifestyle

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Influence of Visual Media Paper

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