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1. The Case Study 01 article described Zimbabwe as experiencing “galloping hyperinflation “. According to your textbook, what is the definition of hyperinflation?

|No |Author |Textbook |Definition |
| | | | |
|1. |Mishkin, Frederic S. |The Economics Of Money, Banking & Financial|Whenever a country’s inflation rate is extremely high |
| | |Markets, ninth edition - Pearson |for a sustained period of time, its rate of money supply|
| | | |growth is also extremely high. Indeed, this is exactly |
| | | |which show that the countries with the highest inflation|
| | | |rates have also had the highest rats of money growth. |
| | | | |
|2. |Ben S Bernanke |Inflation Targeting: Lessons from the |That high inflation is detrimental to the economy has |
| |Thomas Labach |International Experience. Princeton |long been recognized countries experiencing high |
| |Frederic S Mishkin |University Press, year 1999 |inflation ( or in extreme cases ‘hyperinflation” of 500%|
| |Adam s Posen |...

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