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Information Commodification


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Commodification of Information
We are told that we live in an Information Age in which communication networks and media and information services drive the larger economy. However, this age, as it has developed looks increasingly menacing. Corporations around the world have identified the value of information, and are now seeking to control its production, transmission and consumption. The commodification of information has become one of the most valuable resources in the business world and data harvesting has become big business. Some would argue that the commodification of information has led to a lack of security of personal information and others would argue that the commodification of information is necessary for us to continue growing as a society. This essay will discuss the meaning of information commodification and try to make sense from a utilitarian viewpoint as to whether this is a positive move in the right direction or if this move will cause more adverse effects in the long run.
A commodity is a marketable item that is produced to satisfy wants or needs and specifically describes a class of goods that is supplied without qualitative differentiation across a market. Commodification is the transformation of goods and services as well as ideas or entities that normally may not be considered goods, into a commodity. Information refers to answers to questions from which knowledge and data can be derived and information requires a cognitive observer (Wikipedia). So information as a commodity is a gathering of usable data or information that has been transformed into a good that is sold in a market, and that is used to help consumers of the information make informed decisions.
Those in the business sector do not like commodification due to the fact that it reduces profitability. Businesses pursue “branding” strategies and look for power and influence in

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