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TOPIC: The importance of learning English Literature for students.
MAIN IDEA: The continuation of the subject English Literature is a must especially in Asia.
THESIS STATEMENT: Students who learn English Literature have greater chance to be successful in their studies and careers despite the limitation faced by the countries whose English is second language.
Topic sentence: Learning English Literature is proven to be the closest subject to human nature aside from biology as it provides human with huge array of emotions and actions. The initial reason of the introduction of learning literature was to inject the culture of Englishness from the colonizer to the colonized. Supporting details | Sources | 1) Closer to human nature 2) The initial reason was to promote Englishness to the people | Kendrick, R. (n.d.). Why Our Students Study Literature. Retrieved March 3, 2016, from Tennenhouse, L. (2007). Importance of Feeling English: American Literature and the British Diaspora, 1750-1850. Princeton University Press. |

Topic Sentence: There are many advantages of learning English Literature that could be benefited by the students. Supporting details | Sources | 1) Teaches the student on the earlier forms of language and how the language developed. 2) Familiarize the students with aesthetic purposes. 3) Develop planning and research skills as well as gain knowledge of history, culture, philosophy and even human behavior. | Pons-Sanz, S. M. (2014). The language of early English literature: From Cædmon to Milton (First ed.). London: Palgrave McMillan. The reasons why a student should study English Literature. (2013). Retrieved March 4, 2016, from S. (2016). Why Study English Language and Literature? Retrieved March 2, 2016, from |

Topic sentence: English Literature proves importance in providing vast career choices to the students. Students of English should be open to a wave of other career options as the course comprises not only of literature related texts but also texts related to political, social and economic opinions. Supporting details | Sources | 1) The widespread demand for good communication skills means English literature degrees offer lots of potential career pathsi.e: Media and journalism careers with an English degreeAdvertising, marketing and PR careersTeaching and academic careers 2) Less typical careers with an English degree | Tucker, L. (2015). What Can You Do With an English Literature Degree? Retrieved March 4, 2016, from L. (2014). Possibilities after English Honours | What careers to go into if you. Retrieved March 3, 2016, from |

Topic Sentence: Limitations also exist in the pursuit of teaching English Literature in Asia. Supporting details | Sources | 1) Whether to offer more modern and contemporary writing. 2) Is it enough to teach only the literature of Britain and the United States? 3) Whether to teach complete works or extracts? 4) Undermined subject | Weiss, T., & Tam, K. (2004). English and globalization: Perspectives from Hong Kong and Mainland China. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press. DeCoursey, C. A. (2012). Language arts in Asia: Literature and drama in English, Putonghua and Cantonese. Britain: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. |

Topic sentence: Despite some drawbacks in learning English Literature, the subject still provided mentioned advantages and benefits therefore it is encouraged for the subject to be taught in Malaysia. Supporting details | Sources | 1) Mention the drawbacks 2) Revisit the advantages | Weiss, T., & Tam, K. (2004). English and globalization: Perspectives from Hong Kong and Mainland China. Hong Kong: Chinese University Press. S. (2016). Why Study English Language and Literature? Retrieved March 2, 2016, from The reasons why a student should study English Literature. (2013). Retrieved March 4, 2016, from Pons-Sanz, S. M. (2014). The language of early English literature: From Cædmon to Milton (First ed.). London: Palgrave McMillan. |

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