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Internet Scavenger Hunt


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Appendix B

Internet Scavenger Hunt

Search Statement: I am interested in upgrading the RAM in my computer with the use of new RAM modules.
Search Keywords: ram module upgrade

Search Engines

Name and hyperlink to search engine 1: • Number of results: 11 • First Web link • Second Web link • Third Web link • Boolean used, such as and, or, or not: memory upgrade and RAM modules • Number of results for Boolean search: 11

Name and hyperlink to search engine 2: • Number of results: 12 • First Web link • Second Web link • Third Web link • Boolean used, such as and, or, or not: memory upgrade and RAM modules • Number of results for Boolean search: 11

Name and hyperlink to search engine 3: • Number of results: 10 • First Web link • Second Web link • Third Web link • Boolean used, such as and, or, or not: memory upgrade and RAM modules • Number of results for Boolean search: 10

|Search Engine |Rank from 0 (poor) to 10 |Reason for rank |
|Google |(outstanding) | |
|Relevance of results |10 |Not only did the search return results for RAM |

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