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Intersectionality In My Activist Work

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A great deal of my activist work has been centered around race, trans rights, and feminism. Most of my friends and peers tell me that they “look forward” to my commentary on social media about the latest news and event. As a black, queer, and trans individual, intersectionality is something I think about constantly, and I channel my organizing efforts into these causes as they heavily affect my life and the spaces I navigate on a daily basis. I was an organizer for the Womxn’s March on Seattle, started a people of color union at my college, and I am a founding member of the Black Lives Matter Seattle-King County chapter. I have marched, given speeches, hosted benefit concerts, made music, and been an advocate for those in marginalized communities.

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...Societies An analysis of Dutch Multicultural and Postsecular Developments and their Implications for Feminist Debates Eva Midden A thesis submitted in partial fulfilment for the requirements of the degree of PhD at the University of Central Lancashire May 2010       Student Declaration Concurrent registration for two or more academic awards I declare that while registered as a candidate for the research degree, I have not been registered candidate or enrolled student for another award of the University or other academic or professional institution Material submitted for another award I declare that no material contained in the thesis has been used in any other submission for an academic award and is solely my own work Signature of Candidate Type of Award School ___PhD_________________________________ ___Centre for Professional Ethics___________ 1   Abstract It was long assumed that both multiculturalism and feminism are connected to progressive movements and hence have comparable and compatible goals. However, both in academia and in popular media the critique on multiculturalism has grown and is often accompanied with arguments related to gender equality and/or feminism. According to political scientist Susan Moller Okin for example there are fundamental conflicts between our commitment to gender equality and the desire to respect the customs of minority cultures or religions. If we agree that women should not be disadvantaged because...

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