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Interview Project My person of choice to interview for this project was my mother. She has personally in business for well over 15 years. She is talented and knows what she is doing through and through, and has helped lead her team to the top many times. My mother Jill works as an area manager for SunTrust in the Charlotte area. I decided to pick her, not only to have someone to interview, but also to get to know her on a more personal level and to see personally how she truly feels about what she does. I set up the interview via email. It becomes difficult trying to get together and be able to sit down and personally conduct the interview when she is out and about working. I attempt to visit as often as I can, but there are some nights that she doesn’t get home until really late. She was welcome and willing to do it, and her answers gave me more of an insight of what she really does. Here are the following questions, as well as answers.
a. How do you measure success? In many ways… as a leader I measure success by how well my team achieves various key measures. My personal success is when my team is considered successful by others.
b. Where does that measurement stand now? Currently we are exceeding key metrics and a majority of the 18 branches I lead are at or above target for the 4th quarter.
c. What actions are you taking to change the measurement(s) (in the right direction)? My goal is to have all branches achieve their goals so for those that are not at their targets or not in the majority for the area to be successful, I have increased visits and coaching sessions to get to the root cause.
d. What have those actions done to the measurement(s)? It does help and incremental success is normally achieved. Occasionally I find that the person is not in the correct job and they have opted to do something else

a. What is your company

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