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Investor Satisfaction Case - a Business Report

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Investor Satisfaction Case:
A Business Report


Michael Bouchey
Applied Managerial Statistics JAN11 Sec K
Professor: Randall Hill

TO: John Doe
DATE: 16 FEB, 2011

As requested, here are my findings on the investor satisfaction report as collated by our analysis department. Our investment brokerage firm is advised to follow up on the results to improve brokerage performance based on type of investment product purchased.

100 clients were randomly selected and asked a series of questions, the criteria being they must have purchased shares in any one of the funds. Investment counselors personally ask the client to rate their level of satisfaction with the product as high medium or low.

30% of our investors have invested in bond fund, 30% in the stock fund and 40% have invested in the tax-deferred annuity. We can deduce from the total population data that 40 percent of all clients displayed high satisfaction, 40 percent displayed medium satisfaction and 20 percent displayed low satisfaction (Table 2.17).
Stock fund clients report high satisfaction generally across our tabulation results, bond fund investors seem to have high to medium satisfaction while out tax-deferred clients seem to be relatively less satisfied.


While analyzing row percentages and column percentages we can deduce that 50 percent of bond fund investors reported high satisfaction with our company's performance while 40 percent of these same investors reported medium satisfaction, and only 10 percent reported low satisfaction (Table 2.18). A collective look at the entire range of row percentages brings us to the conclusion that stock fund investors are highly satisfied, that bond fund investors are quite satisfied (but somewhat less than stock fund investors) and that tax-deferred annuity purchasers are less…...

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