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Concert Report I attended the Fall Jazz Band concert at Mt. Sac in the Sophia B. Clarke Theater. The show was on Friday November 19th, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. The concert first featured the Latin Jazz Ensemble of Mt. Sac. Followed by the Latin Jazz Ensemble was the Mt. Sac Jazz Ensemble 1. The concert was directed by Jeff Ellwood and Tim Curle. The first piece played by the Mt. Sac Jazz Ensemble was called “Intersecting Lines” which was composed by Les Hooper. After warming the audience up with that piece, they went on to play “True North” by Mike Dana. Next the Ensemble played “Let’s Face the Music and Dance,” by Irving Berlin. The last piece the Latin Jazz Ensemble played was “Too High,” composed by Stevie Wonder, which I thought was pretty interesting. After a short intermission the Mt.Sac Jazz Ensemble came out and started off with “Hot and Spicey,” by Jason Goldman. The second song they played was called “Count Me In” by Billy Byers. Next they played “D-Bop” played in D-Flat I believe, and it was said to be a difficult piece for the ensemble, but they still mastered it. After “D-Bop” the piece called “Truth” was played which featured a solo piece from a talented saxophone player. Then they played “And Another Thing,” which is composed by Tom Garling. The last piece played was called “Yes or No,” and this was composed by Wayne Shortner. Jazz music started towards the beginning of the 20th century. This genre was first played in black communities in southern United States. There have been many subgenres created from Jazz. Genres such as Brazilian Jazz, Nujazz, Acid Jazz, and Latin Jazz, which was played at the concert I attended. In the 1930’s jazz even spread to Europe, forming what is called European Jazz. Jazz in some way also paved the way for some styles of hip hop music. This is

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