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Jit2 Task

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JIT2 Task (A)
Risk Management Register: Risk | Description | Owner | Source | Likelihood of Occurrence* | Severity of Impact* | Controllability* | Macroeconomics Risks | Economic downturn could pose risk to sales development. | Accounting Team/Sales Team | Poor economy, not enough jobs, people not purchasing as much | High | High | Low | Consumer Demand Risks | Not being able to respond to consumer wants/demands quickly enough, leading to short-term revenue loss | Marketing Team | Consumer interests change, other companies offer newer/better product | Medium | Medium | Medium | Industry Consolidation Risks (bargaining power) | Decreased bargaining power, price wars, inflated discounts, limited space within retailers | Sourcing, Pricing, Marketing and General Counsel Legal Teams | Market consolidation and strategic alliances | High | Medium | Medium | Political and Regulatory Risks | Trade policies | Government Relations Team/General Counsel Legal Team | Restrictions on importing and tariffs that disrupt free flow of goods | Medium | Medium | Low | Legal Risks | Patents and third-party trademark infringement- must be careful not to raise concern for risk when creating and marketing new products | General Counsel Legal Team | Many competitors in same business marketing similar products | Low | Medium | High | Product Counterfeiting and Imitation Risks | Other vendors stealing logos and designs and portraying their imitation products as original | Product Branding Team/General Counsel Legal Team | Brand and design theft | High | Low | Medium | Social and Environmental Risks | The company’s responsibilities to their employees, vendors and the environment in which they provide | Operations and Regulatory Teams | Safety/Prevention | Low | Low | High | Natural Risks (Natural Disasters, Epidemics, Accidents) | Natural disasters (tornado, flood,...

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Jit2 Task

...I developed a risk response for each risk describing how things can be done in order to reduce possible damage to the corporation. Technology Risk – In order to reduce technology risk to the business the company should secure all computers and data with latest encryption technologies. Also the company should look into installing and upgrading anti-virus and ant-spyware applications. Company employees should be trained to understand current IT policies and procedures, so that they can help with the process of preventing data loss. Equipment Risk Security Risk – In order to prevent physical security risks the company should controls such as management, physical, and technical. Management controls include developing policies that regulate entrance and exit procedures and requirements for visitor’s access. Physical controls consist of installing locks, doors and fences around areas that require restricted access. They should also consider hiring security guards to deal with access control. Technical controls involve the use od ID badges, sign-in sheets, and cameras. These devices help to monitor activity of people in the facility and will alert security if unauthorized access is detected. These three controls will help to prevent security breaches in the facility. Communication Risk - When dealing with foreign customers' employees should take refresher course on foreign languages and customs. In may be in the best interest of the company to hire consultants to help......

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...BILLS DRUGS RISK REGISTER Risk Description Source Likelihood of Occurrence* Severity of Impact* Controllability* Inability to receive merchandise from suppliers in china. * Global risk A large portion of our generic pharmaceuticals and merchandise are manufactured in china. Any Trade embargos or military involvement would make those resources unavailable and cause a severe merchandise shortage. This will impact sales and profits. China has been aggressive posturing and advancing its military interests. if this trend continues this could lead to trade embargos and/or military involvement. Medium - China has slowly building up to the current level of posturing. At this time it is unknown how far they will go. High - The companies main source of income is the sale of goods. If Bills Drugs is unable to resupply, financial loss will follow. low - We cannot effect the outcome of this potential event. We can only attempt to mitigate it's effects. HIPAA Data exfiltration by attack of the company network. The company network has been compromised and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act data has been exposed. A hacker successfully attacked the company network. Using A combination of social engineering, and the exploitation of un-patched servers was able to penetrate the corporate network. Medium - Our information security measures have discouraged or stopped many attacks. Given the sheer volume of potential attackers and attacks, no network is 100% secure. ...

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...SUBDOMAINS: 325.3 ­ SOLVING PROBLEMS & MAKING DECISIONS 326.3 ­ EVALUATING ECONOMICS OF MANAGEMENT DECISIONS 326.4 ­ MANAGING ENTERPRISE RISK & CONTINUITY 329.5 ­ USING INFORMATION SYSTEMS FOR COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE   Competencies: 325.3.4: Problem Solving ­ The graduate applies the problem solving process to solve organizational and team problems, and develops strategies to avoid decision­making pitfalls. 326.3.1: Decision Analysis ­ The graduate analyzes risks and values and uses a variety of decision analysis tools and decision theory to evaluate alternatives during decision­making processes. 326.4.1: Enterprise Continuity ­ The graduate analyzes enterprise continuity plans and the continuity planning process to ensure the inclusion of essential elements, processes, and stakeholder roles. 326.4.2: Continuity and the Global Marketplace ­ The graduate applies international standards to company operations and assesses and recommends strategies for maintaining organizational stability and continuity in the global marketplace. 326.4.3: Contingency Planning ­ The graduate develops and analyzes organizational contingency plans for responding to sudden and rapid environmental changes. 326.4.4 Risk Evaluation and Mitigation ­ The graduate evaluates internal and external risks and recommends risk mitigation strategies and techniques to an organization. 326.4.5: Organizational Risk Management Programs ­ The graduate develops and assesses enterprise risk manage...

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...a business continuity plan Total facility lost due to a hurricane. XYZ Bakery Supply is a global company with a full range of innovative products and application expertise in the bakery, and patisserie sectors. Products and services are available in more than 100 countries around the world, and in many cases actually produced there by our subsidiaries. Clients are artisans, industry, retailers and food service. XZY Bakery Supply aim to be "reliable partners in innovation" wherever we are in the world, and so help our customers deliver nutritious, tasty food for the communities they live in Business Contingency plan as be simply defined as identification and protection of critical business processes and resources and preparing a process to ensure to survival of the organization during a times of business disruption (Hiles, A., 2007). In any well formulated Business contingency plan (BCP) there will be five integral parts which is layout in Business contingency plan of XYZ Bakery Supply for total facility lost due to a hurricane. B1: Pre-Incident Preparedness In a Pre-incident strategies, we will implement procures that help us mitigate the impact of downtime during the total loss of facility. In this Pre-incident strategy the company will mandate a Business Contingency policy following in case of imminent approach of a powerful hurricane. * CEO, COO and CFO will monitor the hurricane and will make recommendation to close the faculty for safety. * All the......

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How Project Management Can Improve Service Delivery Governments in the vastness of their administration requirements are often unable to maintain either everyday or random tasks of service delivery. This could be due to various reasons, such as; lack of communication, misunderstanding the chain of command, individuals or groups being appointed to complete such tasks that have insufficient knowledge and/or authority required for the fulfilment of such tasks etc. etc. Such shortfalls on tasks as vitally important to a country as service delivery can cripple Government infrastructure and create political unrest amongst unsatisfied citizens. When we are referring to ramifications of this extent, it is imperative that governments / organisations implement safety measures that cover and maintain the correct execution of service delivery. Project management is a clear and concise method that can be implemented simply and cost effectively, and integrate simply into existing infrastructure. Basically what Project Management boils down to, is a simplified process of getting the right person, with the required authority and capability to manage a need, and ensure the fulfilment of said need. So instead of having various groups, reporting to various authorities, with regards to multiple tasks, you have one group of individuals, who have the relevant authority to delegate specific tasks. Service Delivery of Basic Education Curriculum Reform In a nutshell, service delivery of Curriculum Reform is......

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...article was very helpful because it showed and explained to me the key elements that are needed when conducting a good strong job analysis. This article showed me that I needed to include both essential and non-essential task descriptions. It also gave specifics on the type of equipment that would need to be used and physical demands as well as many other things to include in my analysis. I was honestly hoping this article would help me more. Though I found some of it useful, it didn’t really help me understand what exactly I need to do to gather the information needed in the job analysis. The second article I found was by Jody Wheaton. Her article is all about how conducting a proper job analysis can improve your business. In the article she describes different ways to actually conduct a job analysis. The thing I took from this article was mostly the importance of actually doing research into the job. Because of this article, I actually sought out the HR department and found out what kind of things they would actually need in an HR reception/assistant position. I wanted to know what kind of equipment they would be using and what exactly they would like that person in that role to do. Jody Wheaton states that “Knowledge, skills, abilities, work behaviors, tasks associated with the job, competencies and cultural aspects of the organization should all be part of the data collection process.”2 I was able to add some of these aspects into my paper as well, allowing it to......

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