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Essay on “Job History” written by Annie Proulx

In the short story “Job History” written by Annie Proulx, we follow Leeland Lee from the time of his birth, until he is about fifty years old.
In the short story we follow Leeland through his harsh life, with ups and downs, in the form of thoughts, feelings, incidents, etc.

Leeland is born in a ranch in Wyoming, and lives there with his wife Lori.
Leeland does not look particularly good, in fact he is a very unattractive man; (page 91, line 12)“Leeland’s face shows heavy bones from his mother’s side. His neck is thick and his red-gold hair plastered down in bangs. Even as a child his eyes are as pouchy as those of a middle-age alcoholic, the brows rod-straight above wandering out-of-line eyes. His nose lies broad and close to his face, his mouth seems to have been cut with a single chisel blow into easy flesh”

And in the top of that, we see how Leeland through his life, tries to find a successful career, but fails consistently.
He moves various times from place to place, too seek occupation and good business. But it is hard when you’re a high school dropout, without a career.
Leeland have to changes his job constantly, because of his lack of luck, and since he can’t get along white his bosses.
He is never able to stay at one job or place for long, which lead to problems in the family. He has a hard time supporting his wife, and their children financially.

Throughout the story the author, Annie Proulx manages to show us the miserable live of Leeland Lee, without even adding any emotion to her writing. Meaning that there is no point in the story, when we hear about how Leeland feels, about his miserable life.
The writing is in typical Annie Proulx fashion, with short, fragmented sentences

There is not a moment in the story, where the action takes a different turn, however we keep on hearing about

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