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I arrived for my tour of Johns Hopkins early, leaving time to slowly meander around the quad as I searched for the auditorium. My attention drifted between the architecture and landscape, but was captivated by the assembly of robotic arms enshrined behind a glass window. The DaVinci embodies the cutting edge of medicine and technical achievement, and it captivated me for long after my tour ended. I wanted to be in this environment, and operate these fantastic technologies, but would soon have the experience of them operating on me.

At midnight the next week, a persistent pain forms in my abdomen. By sunrise, I had checked into the hospital and was immediately assigned a bed and saturated with painkillers. While the doctors began their preliminary examinations, questioning about diet and taking fluid samples, I was engrossed in the process, observing them as they used a combination of complex technology married with simple techniques to reach a diagnosis: appendicitis. When an ultrasound removed any doubt, I was whisked to the surgery ward.

The surgeon explained that the procedure, a laparoscopy, would make three incisions: one to inflate the abdominal cavity, the second to provide space for the camera, and the third for extraction of the
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Using state-of-the-art technology, their talents, and acquired skills, the doctors have enhanced the quality of life for countless individuals. DaVinci was designed to assist doctors on the very laparoscopic techniques used to save my life. In the future, for doctors to save even more lives, new technologies like it will augment their skills. Before, I had flirted with the idea of pursuing medicine as my career, but now, I resolved to become a doctor, in order to impact the lives of others just as this surgeon had impacted mine. I initiated correspondence with local physicians, planning shadowings and accelerated courses, yearning to start my future

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