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Marketing Strategy Statistics

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“Inferential Statistics, Hypothesis Testing”

Marketing Research


Supervised by: Dr. Kim Chung

Friday, April 16th, 2010


I. Introduction: Marketing Research 4 1) Marketing Research 4 2) The Marketing Research process 4
II- Body 1: Litterature Review 6 1) Inferential Statistics 6
a) Dummy Variables 7
b) Experimental Analysis 7 2) Normal Distribution 8
Figure 1: A normal Distribution, bell-shaped curve 9
3) Skewness 9
4) The Kurtosis 9
5) Formula of Kurtosis and Skewness over their Standard error 10
6) Central Limit Theorem 10
7) T Test Hypothesis testing for one sample mean 11
a) State the Null and Alternative Hypothesis 11
b) Hypothesis of the Testing 11 c )Choosing the Level of Significance 12
d) Calculate the test statistic for One Sample Mean 13
8) Independent Samples t-Test 13
a) Stating the Null and Alternative Hypothesis 14
b) Assumptions of the Testing 14
c) Choosing the Level of Significance 15
d) Calculate the test statistic for independent samples 15
e) Interpreting the Results 16
9) Risks in Decision Making Using Hypothesis Testing 17
10) The β Risk 17
III- Body II: Application 1: One Sample Testing 18
1) The Research Topic 18
2) Decriptives for the Students Sample 18
a) Range, Mean, Standard Deviation 18
b) Variance, Skewness, Kurtosis 19
c) Histogram of the Student Sample 19
3) Hypothesis of the independent sample t test 20
4) T test for the sample mean 20
a) State the Null and Alternative Hypothesis 20
b) Selection of the significant level 21
c) SPSS Output 22
d) Conclusion of the T Test 23
e) Limitation of the research 23
IV- Body III: Application 2: Independent Sample T Test 25
1) The Research Topic 25
2) Descriptives for the samples 25
a) Range, Mean, Standard Deviation for the sample...

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