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2nd Quarter Extra Credit – Honors Biology
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

This assignment is due on or before the 1st Semester Final Exam. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this deadline. You may turn it in at any point before the exam.

You have 2 options with this reading….. #1 you can answer all of the questions related to the chapters below, or #2 you can develop your own project to show your understanding of the books concepts. You do this all the time in English class, now you can create your own project to present the many issues in the story of Hela cells.

There are several questions to be answered below. Make sure you develop answers to each of the questions using complete sentences. DO NOT simply say “Ch 1 Q 1 No” I should not have to refer back to the question each time you answer a question to see what the question was…. incorporate the question into the answer and elaborate upon your answer when necessary.

Prologue: The Woman in the Photograph 1. The author uses several similes to describe cells. What simile does she use to describe the way a cell looks? What simile does she use to explain the functions of the different parts of a cell? What do these similes suggest about biology? 2. What is mitosis? What beneficial biological processes involve mitosis? 3. What simile does Donald Defler use to describe mitosis? 4. What happens when there is a mistake during the process of mitosis? 5. According to Defler, how important was the discovery of HeLa cells? 6. As a high school student, Skloot began researching HeLa cells to find out more about Henrietta Lacks. Examine pages 5 & 6 and write down each step that Skloot took to begin her research.

Chapter One: The Exam 1. Why does Sadie think Henrietta hesitated before seeing a doctor? 2. What did Henrietta’s first doctor assume the source of the lump on

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