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English 12 The main facts that are surrounding Becket’s life and death is that, Thomas Bucket was born 21st December, 1118 and was murdered in Canterbury Cathedral on 29th December, 1170. Bucket was not keen to follow the king's orders blindly, this angered the king. The pilgrimage was important in the middle age because a pilgrimage is a journey of great moral or spiritual significance. In the middle ages, the pilgrimage was important since it was believed that if you prayed at the shrines you might be forgiven your sins and had more chance to heaven. Pilgrims visit Becket's shrine because it was rumored that when people were touched by his cloth they got cured from a variety of illnesses such as epilepsy, leprosy and blindness. The type of people who would have been pilgrims are those who have undertaken a physical journey often a very long and difficult one to a distant sacred place, for example, like the shrine. Going on a pilgrimage in the middle ages was a long and difficult journey. The costs involved were dependent on one pilgrimage, where one was going to stay and type of travel. Some of the Pilgrim routes were specific roads that pilgrims travelled on, where the road itself was a thing to experience for religious reasons. The route from London to the Becket Shrine in Canterbury was of this type, as was the Way of St. James. Long distance travelling in general was quite a dangerous activity, since cases of people being robbed along the highways were high. The pilgrims would travel in groups to enhance security. People that are pilgrimage would usually only carry what they needed, and would share with those who had little to eat.

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