Kill the White Bastard

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Essay - “Kill the White Bastard”


Mike Chambers:
Mike is at the hospital, because he got beat up by some black guys. Mike has a soft spot for girl, and he is always making like Sir Galahad. Sometimes he beat out a lot of guys who is better looking than him, because he is jealous about them. He describe himself as a sucker when he takes himself “loaning” money to girls, just because they come with an emotional story, and he always believe in the best about a girl until he is proved wrong. Mike and his gang often hang around at a local drugstore where the owner is so scared of them that he cannot ask them to leave, even though they have not done anything, but having a bad attitude. Mike lives in a neighborhood where white people and black people are separated and “against” each other. But Mike is not taking it too seriously. He can easily see a black guy and a white girl together without bothering, while most white guys in his neighborhood can’t stand to see it. Mike has a bigger brother with a big reputation, who is in jail. His brother is known as a very tough guy around their neighborhood, so Mike also has a big reputation, but he is not a tough guy like his brother, at all. Mike drive around in an old Ford which really is his brothers, but he is allowed to use it every time his brother is in jail, which is quite often.
Mike goes to school but the only thing that keeps him from dropping out is his mother, who is going to “kill” him if he does. He is fed up with getting walked over by the fuzz, teachers, his father and the upper-class kids at school.

Connie is a black girl who lives in the north side of the city which is the “black part” of the city – a lousy neighborhood. She is a slender girl, with straightened hair to her shoulders. She have beautiful eyes, all black and inky soft. She is wearing a yellow dress with yellow…...