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1. To what extent can the problems of Kingfisher Airlines be attributed to management of its stakeholders?

All the critical problems faced by Kingfisher airlines can be traced back to mismanagement of stakeholders and their interest:
• Removal of entertainment center from flights which was Kingfisher airlines unique selling point
• Defaulted on supplier payments
• No salary for three months
• Started cannibalizing components and parts from the grounded aircraft which was a safety concern
• The decision to merge Kingfisher and Air Deccan was a mistake. Kingfisher airlines and Kingfisher Red offered similar services without leveraging the benefits of full service or low costs. These bad strategic decisions eventually led to default of loan repayments. Owing to the same reasons shareholders also lost their money



2. Which of the stakeholders were engaged more than others, whose interests seemed to be guarded and whose ignored?

The company focused only on the costumers by providing high quality services and kept neglecting other stakeholders, which eventually led to bankruptcy. Things like high-end flight furniture, TV screens behind seats, luxurious lounges and other facilities were provided to customers at the same time payments to suppliers and salaries of employees were delayed.
The other stakeholders, investors, suppliers, employees were ignored.
Based on the data in Exhibit 1, we see that the market share rose for
Kingfisher by 4%- which is significant. Notable here is that despite this, the company went bankrupt soon. This can be attributed to its negligence of the other stakeholders.

3. How could the stakeholders have been better handled? •

Employees are the building blocks and their aspirations must be met so that they are motivated to work. In a service industry, employees are key to customer retention and customer acquisition. Salaries should be paid as they any delay effects the morale of the entire organization
Collaborators must be catered to so that the venture remains worthwhile for them too. Attracting wrath of suppliers directly affects the working capital and the operational activities of the organization
Societal expectations and legal compliances have to be met to establish as an fundamentally strong organization. Airline industry has to maintain highest safety standards and it is critical to follow all rules and norms to have seamless operations across all routes
Owners must get returns and maintain the market capitalization of the entity.
Irrespective of the personal tastes and interests, there has to be strong emphasis on bottom line of the organization



4. Why did Vijay Mallya act the way that he did?
How can organizational avoid the situation that
Kingfisher finds itself in today?
Vijay Mallya mainly focused on luxury of the customers and ignored other stakeholders. We opine that given that he trying to emulate
Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines. His focus on premium customers and aimed to become market leaders without establishing strong fundamentals. But, any effort to increase market share was only adding to Kingfisher’s losses.
All the business decisions should be taken with a long term perspective. The management should have compared and contrasted all the viable decisions and the objective of the firm should not have been customer experience but value addition and wealth creation for all its stakeholders.



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