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24 year-old American student Amanda Knox was yesterday acquitted of the November 2007 muder of her former housemate Meredith Kercher. Seattle raised Knox and London based Kercher shared a house in Perugia, Italy whilst both studying on university exchange, before the brutal attack which left Kercher lifeless. Yesterday’s courtroom of six lay jurors and two judges saw what was described, by on onlooker as, ‘an Oscar-worthy performance’ as Ms Knox implored for her freedom. The final verdict was reached, and Knox was allowed to walk free, serving only four of

the twenty years imprisonment she was originally sentenced to.

New evidence was presented to the jury, contradicting the prosecution’s case originally presented at the November 2008 trial. Knox’s legal team was able to verify the whereabouts of Knox at the time of the murder, and rule out the supposed motives for murder.

A representative for the Kercher family yesterday released a statement expressing the dejection experienced by relatives of the victim, “we are saddened to see the release of Amanda Knox. Contradictory evidence was also presented, indicating Knox’s guilt, but was overlooked.” The statement read, “We as a family, and a community are going to continue to strive for justice for Meredith.” Locals whom dealt with both Knox and Kercher on a regular basis rallied outside the courthouse following the acquittal. The upset group hurled the words ‘shame’ and ‘murderer’ at Knox as she left the courtroom cuff-free.

A visibly shaken, yet joyful Knox was escorted through the crows to an awaiting car. Knox is believed to have boarded a Seattle-bound plane late last night. The Knox family will be holding a press conference upon their arrival in

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