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Leadership and Service


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Jane Smith

Leadership and Service My definition of leadership is the ability one has to inspire the people around them to do great things. It promotes motivation through integrity, determination, and perseverance. In my opinion, to serve others means to show someone an act of selflessness kindness and compassion or to encourage the betterment of society through teaching and providing the means to obtain knowledge. The BSBA program at GCU will help prepare me for leadership roles by expanding my knowledge of business practices. By doing so, I will learn to use critical thinking to make the best business decisions or give sound judgement based on the situation at hand. I will be able to serve my community by providing integral services that are backed by strong, morally ethic values. Ben Carson proved great leadership skills while he was the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital by dominating his field of study. It is easy for me to believe that he has inspired countless young people to strive to be better and pursue more in life. He has served the medical community with his research and achievements. He has served his community by being a child advocate and creating a scholarship fund for high school graduates for the opportunity of a higher education. Ben Carson has exhibited leadership and service through his many accomplishments during his life. In this topic, the key takeaway for me was that to be able to possess great leadership skills you must first learn how to serve others. By serving others you familiarize yourself with the traits that one needs to carry to be an effective leader. Being able to serve others can also benefit you as a leader in showing your team that you are willing and able to work together towards a common

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