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Review Learning Goals and Topic of Interest Something that is absolutely amazing about nursing is when one comes to work; nurses get to learn new things every day. Getting to teach others, lead others and mentor others is a great opportunity nurses have and this should not be taken lightly.
A goal that is interesting and takes practice is how to become a strong and successful leader. The nursing field needs great leadership and strong mentors for others to look up to. Module 4: “Nurse as a Leader” really fits into this goal. It’s believed that to be a great leader one needs to learn this, some might say they were born to be a leader and that is quite possibly true. For most though it takes skills and practice and a good foundation to build on. At Stormont Vail Health they have sessions for new management on opportunities to improve on leadership skills. Actively listening and being able to concentrate on the situation at hand are ways this can happen. This course can help build these assets and give further opportunities for this to happen.
Teamwork and Communication Teamwork and communication are assets of many professions. These are two things that are essential in everyday practice, when nurses or any other group acts as part of a team, the job usually is easier and things get done more efficiently. When this happens then better patient care takes place and this is why most nurses came into this field, to help others in the most efficient, safest way possible. How do we build better teamwork and communication with in our group or unit? Module 6: Teamwork, Communication, Change and Informatics should help with steps to take to ensure completion of this goal. Some essential components to build a strong team starts with a strong foundation, which consists of leadership, adequate time and resources, clear goals and objectives, and trust (Toofany,

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