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Learning Team Organiztional Structure

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Organizational Planning
University of Phoenix MGT/521
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Target is the second leading retail store in the U.S behind Walmart. Target is looking to be more competitive in the retail market in the next 2 years by changing the way they do business and focusing on what really matters, i.e. The brand they are selling to customers. Target is looking to adapt to the way their customers shop and focus on their legacy while giving the best service possible. Target is successful in ways that have charted the retail industry. They have changed the way they do business by focusing on the environment, their team members, education and their volunteerism in the community. This report will cover the ways that Target has stayed on top by constantly transforming and becoming a better organization.
Organizational Planning

* Organizational Structure
Target’s Mission “is to make Target your preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering outstanding values, continuous innovation and exceptional guest experiences by consistently fulfilling our “Expect more, Pay less. Brand promise”. By doing this, Target has broken their structure down into sections that would be able to help the organization meet their goals. Target has set standards they would like to meet by the year 2017. With these standards and their continued growth, they believe the organization will increase profits and well as inspire healthier living in their employees and customers around the world.
By working on the environment, Target hopes to increase seafood selection in the frozen food areas in their stores. They are also looking to increase the amount of organic food that is offered in each store by 25% by a projected date of 2017. They are also looking to include beverages, as well as baby foods, to promote a more healthy way of living. Target also wants to make...

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