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Lets Move

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Let’s Move Campaign

Twinkies, Dunkin Donuts, Supersized fries, X box and Play Station Games, are all staples of today’s youth. These staples are causing an alarming problem in the youth of America. In the past 3 decades childhood obesity rates have tripled according to the United States Government website on the Lets Move campaign. In fact studies show that obesity in African American children and Hispanic children is almost at a staggering 40 percent. This alarming fact has caused First Lady Michelle Obama to make eliminating childhood obesity her number objective during the President’s term.
Mrs. Obama launched on February 9, 2010 the “Let’s Move” program, a dedicated program to get kids off the couch and become more active and to eat healthier. With many young Americans faced with obesity, the goal of Lets Move is to promote a healthier life style in a younger generation. Studies as reported on the Center of Disease control show that if a child is obese early in life they will be more than likely obese as an adult. Obesity as reported in numerous websites is the leading cause for diabetes, heart problems and certain cancers.
No one can pinpoint the exact cause of why more children are obese. Theories including; less school activity at recess and gym, larger portions of foods, less eating at home, no after school playing are some of the reasons cited for the problem. These current trends if left unchecked will only cause a greater problem for generations to come. Using historical data as obtained by the Council on American fitness, the problem is growing at an alarming rate.
As First Lady, Mrs. Obama has two young children and has said that seeing how her own children are impacted by their lifestyle, and seeing her kid’s friend’s lifestyle gave her great cause for concern. She chose to use her position in the White House to make a difference in the...

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