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Jones International University
General Studies: Leading from a Global Perspective
Course Number: BC607
From: Millicent Fowler
To: Dr. Miro

The country of Ghana a region in West Africa is my country of choice, Electricity generation and usage in Ghana. Business Report
The country generates electric power from hydropower, fossil-fuel, thermal energy and renewable energy sources. Electricity generation is one of the key factors to propel it to achieve the developmental goal of the national economy, with aggressive and rapid industrialization, which has increased the consumption from 265kilowatt-hours per capita in 2009 to 297.8 kilowatt-hours per capita, causing frequent power outage and rationing. It has become necessary for the privatization of the sector. Ghana exported some of its generated energy and fossil fuel to other countries in the region, Transmission is under the operation of Ghana Grid Company, Distribution under Northern electricity Distribution Company and electricity Company of Ghana.
For the country to meet its economic growth, it is working on projects aimed at diversifying its energy generation and supply as the government is no longer able to handle it. I therefore propose that Consolidated Edison Company (ConEdison) come into a joint venture business agreement with Ghana, where generation and supply will be manage by ConEdison.
During the past two decades, Ghana has emerged as a paragon of stability and good governance, held up as a shining example for the rest of Africa to follow. Its democratic norms are entrenched, its economy is well managed and it has a burgeoning middle class. The rule of law is respected, civil service has a well-trained core of technocrats and active civil society. In sum, Ghana possesses many of the attributes of successful state and it is not likely…...

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