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Lexity Assist You in Evaluating Issues for Sustainability

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How does the concept of complexity assist you in evaluating issues for sustainability?

2nd- I'll identify the three systems I outlined in the intro (economic, political, social), the ones that impact on the transport system

3rd- I'll identify the relationships between the scale, systems and complexity

4th- Discuss how this impacts the decision making for sustainability.

Given its land constraints, Singapore’s overall transportation strategy cannot rely on building roads and more roads to serve its populace’s travel needs. It needs a comprehensive and affordable public transport system and sustainable demand management tools. Hence, its recently launched Land Transport MasterPlan is based on making public transport a choice mode, while continuing to manage road usage and to meet the diverse needs of its travelers.

A key element to meet these objectives is the continued use of road pricing. Road pricing has long been associated with Singapore, starting way back in June 1975.
Many changes have been made to the road-pricing scheme since that time. Started as a manual scheme based on paper permits and hence, using little technology, it has evolved to become a sophisticated system today, involving various technologies. The economic principles for road pricing however, continues to be valid but the charging structure had been evolving to keep the scheme effective, and deriving benefits to the community as a whole.

Sun Sheng Han, ( 2010, 'Managing motorization in sustainable transport planning: the Singapore experience', Journal Of Transport Geography, 18, pp. 314-321, ScienceDirect, EBSCOhost, viewed 4 May 2012.


Its innovation is to allow a parallel growth in motorization and public transit.

The Singapore experience demonstrates how a range of well coordinated policies including efforts to control the number of cars in both...

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