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• which has installed XRF (X-ray Fluorescence) equipment to homogeneous material data analysis at the initial development stage to eliminate harmful materials from filtering into individual parts.

• Fully equipped with precise instruments such as ICP, IC, GCMS, HPLC and VOC chamber

• LG Electronics designs products to minimize their power consumption not only to boost energy efficiency, but also to reduce standby power which means the power consumed while an appliance is plugged in but not in use.

• Apply Recycling (ATROiD) in order to lessen the environmental impact of our products during recycling and disposal stages.


• Apply MOT (Moment of Truth)

← Decisive moment in which a customer gets a certain impression of LG Electronics.

• Voice of Customer (VOC)

← preventing the same compliant from recurring.

• Customer Satisfaction Survey

( the feedback is used to devise strategies to enhance LG’s global competitiveness

• LG Electronics has an advanced security system for its server and network which includes a two-tier firewall to protect customers’ personal information. Personal information and payment details are encrypted using SSL


Allows employees to enjoy enriching, energetic and stable lives. A number of other benefits are also available to assure employee health and safety.

LG Electronics’ worksites operate an EESH(ENERGY, ENVIRONMENT, SAFETY, HEALTH (EESH) COMMITTEE Committee with 4 aims No-pollution, No-loss, No-accident, No-illness

On the third of every month, we safety inspection to remedy any safety problems, increase awareness of health issues,

Organization Culture

Union members have election and voting rights, with union leaders being chosen via anonymous, direct and confidential ballots, thus ensuring complete autonomy from the company.

the labor-management council in every worksite helps facilitate internal communication and create a foundation for mutual cooperation by ensuring all issues raised are resolved promptly.

We conduct monthly VOE (Voice of Employee) polls to review the execution of improvement tasks identified through the LG Way survey. The poll also is a way for us to deliver employee voices to the management. Senior managers assess the poll to identify common employee interest and gauge progress to create an engaging and satisfactory working environment for our people.

LG Electronics launched its first in-house magazine “GoldStar” in May 1967. For 41 years since then, the magazine has been a primary communication channel for employees. To mark the 40th anniversary of publication, the magazine shifted its focus to offer more business information to keep employees informed about company developments

the site called EP Communication offers news and information on company activities, messages from top mangers including the CEO, and employees’ ideas and opinions on new products and functions.


Meeting ISO 9001 shows that Portakabin has a Quality Management System which among other things ensures that it has a documented set of procedures for all key processes in the business and that these processes are checked for efficiency and outputs are checked for defects and put right where necessary. Being registered as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 is very important to Portakabin. This is because many customers will deal only with organizations that can demonstrate they meet this rigorous standard.

Meeting ISO 14001 shows that Portakabin also has a well organized environmental management system. An environmental management system helps an organization to reduce its impact on the environment and minimize pollution.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Alex Wong

Chief Production Officer (CPO): Abe Field

Chief Financial Officer (CFO): Nate Bowen

Chief Information Officer (CIO): Natasha Noskowski

Chief Design Officer (CDO): Jessica Chiu

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Justin Gonzalez

Chief Sales Officer (CSO): Christian Bittner

Value chain

TO assist its suppliers in fulfilling social responsibilities.

LGE plans to launch a comprehensive supply chain (production facility) risk management program based on the EICC process in 2011, and strengthen CSR competence of the suppliers located in Korea and in potential risk countries.

The program

(i) will be promoted in order to reach LGE’s all production sites and suppliers, and obtain consent on compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct,

(ii) evaluates the suppliers’ CSR risk,

(iii) conducts diagnosis to the high-risk classified suppliers, and encourages improvement, and

(iv) keeps monitoring to verify if the improvement is maintained at constant level, and support the suppliers to fulfill their social responsibilitie

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