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Lgbt Culture in America

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LGBT Culture in America

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LGBT Culture in America

LGBT stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered/trans-sexual and these words define groups of people who are categorized by their sexual orientation except in the case of transgendered. Transgendered people are defined by their gender identity which is often different from their genetic gender. These groups of very different people have come together in a united front because they are all discriminated against in similar ways. So while LGBT people are not a culture in the traditional sense, their adversity brings them together in a special subgroup of society that can be found in just about every country worldwide. The American LGBT culture specifically is very rich, diverse, and active. To best understand this diverse group of people, it is best to examine each letter of LGBT separately. Beginning with lesbian culture, these people are categorized as women who are sexually attracted to other women. Within this group of women, there are very different expressions of their varying degrees of femininity. Some stereotypes of the lesbian ladies are ‘butch’ who tend to be more masculine, ‘androgynous’ who tends to be in the middle of the spectrum of masculine and feminine, and ‘femmes’ who are the most feminine of the group. While these are stereotypes and everyone is an individual, lesbians commonly refer to these terms when describing themselves, partners, friends, and love interests. These are the main defining...

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