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Lac,K.(2013).Make a decision to support eco-friendly tourism this Earth Day.Retrieved from

In the article,author suggests to go completely greener this Earth Day.Luxury Link is supporting it by hosting a live earth day travel chat,where one will get to understand Eco-Luxury.One can go on a vacation in hotels which have scored high points on various issues like energy,water efficiency and atmosphere,etc and the good thing about this is one does not need to to compromise on style ,comfort and can still be trendy by just checking out the list of eco-friendly hotels and aminities provided.Even the airlines are concerned about the environment.They are supporting it by reducing the the usage of carbon and plantation of trees.This will help us as well as the future generation to live a better life and enjoy the beauty of mother earth.

AFRICAN WILDLIFE FOUNDATION.(n.d.).Conservation tourism:Conservation tourism turns wildlife into a local asset.Retrieved from
The article speaks about how successfully Africa has conserved the wildlife.Instead of feeling it like a threat to the livelihoods it is helping in saving and growing tourism .It also reports how the locals have been protecting the area i.e. private properties which does not come in protected areas.The national parks are creating jobs as well as conserving the elephants.The rarest of mountain gorrilas will get saved which will keep a balance between the wildlife and the local community.

Wikipedia.(2013).Ecotourism.Retrieved from
The article on eco-tourism covers a whole area.It takes an historical view of the development of eco-tourism and discusses how sustainability can be developed and various regulations which help in maintaining it.Also,how sustainability can be augmented by imparting education.One of the recommendation is to promote small scale projects locally.The article than links tourism to environmental degradation and how it is having a negative impact on indigenious people due to mismanagement of projects related to eco-tourism.

Matt,N.(2009).Is Eco-Tourism Really Eco-Friendly?.Retrieved from
In this article,author emphasizes on what is the real significance of eco-tourism and how hotels and other companies are trying to catch the attention of the people on the name of eco-tourism,especially the rich who are willing to spend.They try to attract customers by different schemes and try to create goodwill for themselves. Instead,the author suggests sustainability in tourism by staying pace to pace with the environment and local culture.

Department of Conservation.(n.d.).Concesions:Tourism operators and consrservation.Retrieved from The article talks about the crucial role of conservation in eco-tourism.Conservation and tourism they both are interdependent and go hand in hand.Concessionaries are encouraged to contribute to conservation work which will save the environment.Further,it points out the work done by the operators ,its benefits to visitors as well as to operators and .Many reasons are stated why and how the operators should get associated.The ones which are already associated are kiwi encounter,black cat group,milford sound lodge,real journeys,etc

Smart Travel.(n.d.).Staying eco-style in New Zealand.Retrieved from
The article points out on how sustainable practice and eco-awareness has helped in the growth of eco-tourism.The newly made luxurious properties are obtaining the green status for providing eco-friendly and quality performance. The well made itineries for both the islands are offering customers the enjoyable visit and not a hectic schedule.Most important thing is five percent value of booking is being donated for conserving local community projects.Not to forget,the farmlands are also contributing to eco-tourism by introducing spray point system and diversification for the long term growth

Air New Zealand Public Affairs.(2013).Air New Zealand recognised in global sustainable tourism awards.Retrieved from
The article covers a whole area.It captures a microscopic view of how Air New Zealand has helped to maintain and upgrade the sustainability of the environment by taking initiatives such as enhancing fuel efficiency,supporting biodiversity projects.The winner of the global sustainable awards would be decide on the basis of how it is helping the local people and eco friendly operations by an onsite examination.Motto of the World Travel and Tourism Council is clear i.e. triple ‘P’, people, planet and profit.

Destination-NZ.(n.d.).Ecotourism.Retrieved from
The article covers that what has made New Zealand a special country for visitors is its picture perfect natural beauty and stunning wildlife and also the ability to reduce carbon footprints by offering eco-tourism options ranging from cruises to walks.Qualmark gained New Zealand organisations are working best for waste management,energy efficiency and conservation initiatives.The conservation workers are trying their best to save the national bird “kiwi” from vanishing by providing various eco-friendly options to visitors such as, kiwi houses,wildlife reserves and sanctuaries.And one thing not to miss out is to live on a kiwi farm and exploring the various aspects of eco-tourism such as composting,worm farming ZEALAND ECO FRIENDLY TRAVEL GUIDE.Retrieved from
The article articulates the ways to keep New Zealand a good and beautiful country to live for all the species.One can contribute to this by being waste,water and energy friendly by disposing off waste in a correct manner,using water wisely without polluting it and being energy efficient.A part from this,recycling,correct disposal of waste,and becoming travel friendly by using cycle,fuel efficient transports will help the environment to be clean.Travel safety is also of utmost importance and weather the company is helping the sustainability policy by employing locals,treat waste water and benchmarking the business with Green Globe.

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