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Literature Survey: The Prince Edward Island Incident

By: Sheila Suyo Jaime Rivera Jacyn De Leon Jonas Magcalayo John Mar Rosqueta Jacem Borromeo

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Chemistry 11 under Ms. Mary Vanessa C. Nartia

Prince Edward Island and the Philippines

Pollution of rivers, streams, and lakes contaminate ground and surface waters, thus exposing the population to environmentally-related diseases. The relationship between polluted water and disease has now been firmly established and accepted. According to the World Bank, just under a third, or 31 percent of illnesses in the country, monitored for a five-year period were caused by water-borne pathogens.

In the agriculture sector, application of agrochemicals (i.e. fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides) remains a common practice among farmers in rural areas. Intensive use of agrochemicals has been known to create and result to both environmental problems and diseases. The hazards accompanying this practice, especially those associated with persistent organic pollutants or POPs have been known for years and the knowledge of the extent of harm they cause has increased.

According to a study by Dr. N. Maramba (1996), most farmers may be aware that pesticides are hazardous but there is a lack of awareness of exposure risks. Pesticide handlers are the ones most heavily exposed. In addition, exposure of households in farming communities may occur due to spray drift from nearby fields. This exposure is further enhanced by farmers’ practice of washing their sprayers near, or in, irrigation canals, which may then become part of agricultural runoff. They also use this water source for washing of hands and feet, clothes, and to some extent, for taking a bath. Several cases were cited in the study concerning organochlorine poisonings, aplastic anemia, eye, skin, nail, pulmonary, renal, and

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