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Contemporary Issues


Information Management

Block Delivery
2013 - 2014

Jim Innerd & Steve Pattinson

Microsoft launches Office in the cloud
Source: (9/9/2011)


Module aim 1
Module team 1
Module learning outcomes 1
Module delivery pattern 2
Learning strategy 2
Module timetable 3
Assessment strategy 4
Key texts 5
Assessment Referencing 6
Module Assessment Feedback 7
Assessment Marking Criteria & Feedback Grid 8

Module aim

This module provides an insight into the development of technology, current issues and how it effects organisations. It provides students with an opportunity to explore the relationship between Information Management and the strategic formulation of technology in businesses and its implications/consequence for support of business change processes.

Module team

• Jim Innerd (module leader) • Steve Patterson (module tutor)

Block delivery tutors:

|Group |Tutor |Contact details* |
|ML |J Innerd |Email: |
|MT |S Pattinson |Email: |

* Please check the module VLE for a definitive list of group tutors.

Module learning outcomes

On completion of this module learner will:

|Knowledge & Understanding |
|Understand the historical context of technology for effecting and handling change |
|Explore the perceptions and values attached to technology by

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