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Live Nation Faces the Music


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Live Nation Faces the Music (Word Count: 421)
The key to Live Nation’s growth strategy is the ability to connect to those millions of people who attend shows every year. By keeping a database that includes contact information for every fan that Live Nation has ever had, Live Nation will be able to connect fans to their artists with greater ease. By strengthening the artist to fan connection, the purchase of merchandise and tickets will be easier and will help Live Nation to keep growing and profiting.
Live Nation should combine concentration and horizontal integration as their growth strategies. Vertical integration will help focuses in its primary line of business. Merging with Ticketmaster will help Live Nation obtain database that includes contact information for every fan that Live Nation has ever had. At the same time, the ticket service will help increase traffic to its website, track music fan’s spending habits, and gain e-mail access to millions of fans. This in turn, will increase the online sales of products and services offered in that primary business. Horizontal integration strategy where the corporation has combined with multiple other entities which assist in its operation such as, stadiums, theatres, etc. Using the horizontal integration growth strategy Live Nation will be able to eliminate competition and keep profit inside the company.
Another growth strategy Live Nation should implement is to create a one-stop operation that would handle all the musical needs of the artist. Live Nation should offer a multitude of services that reduces the amount of time spend focusing on certain aspects of concert preparation. They should help the artist operate the tour, sell the albums, sell the merchandise, run the website, produce videos, and even combine with Live Nation’s own customers to create new marketable concepts. Live Nation needs to constantly

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