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Lkt2 Task 2 - Router Config Guide

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Configuration Guide
Firmware v4.

Contents Overview of MI424-WR 3 Minimum System Requirements 3 Network Address Translation (NAT) 4 What is NAT? 4 How Does NAT Work? 4 NAT Configuration for MI424-WR 5 1. Log into router 5 2. Configure NAT 5 Packet Filtering for MI424-WR 6 What is Packet Filtering 6

Overview of MI424-WR

The Actiontec MI424-WR Wireless Router is a multifunctional network device in a single box. It not only has a basic routing feature set that includes VPN, NAT, and DHCP services, it also includes some advanced features such as QoS. The MI424-WR is also a 4-port Fast Ethernet switch providing full duplex speeds of up to 100Mbits. In addition to its wired connections, it also serves as a wireless access point using wireless B and G protocols, including basic and advanced encryption methods such as WEP and WPA2. Finally, the MI424-WR additionally provides other enterprise-level security services. There is a fully customizable firewall with Intrusion Detection, DoS protection, DMZ Hosting, and Stateful Packet Inspection. With this multitude of features, the MI424-WR has been designed to be the central point of any SOHO network.

Minimum System Requirements

* Broadband Internet service via a RJ-45 or Coax Connection * (Any DSL modem, Cable modem or Network that uses Ethernet or Coax) * Windows 98SE, Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS 9+, OS 10+, Linux, Unix * PC with an available Ethernet port * 802.11b or 802.11g wireless adapter for wireless connections * TCP/IP network protocol installed * Internet Explorer 6.0+ (recommended) * Other browsers such as Safari or Firefox, need to have Java Script enabled

Network Address Translation (NAT)
What is NAT?

Network Address Translation is a process performed by some network devices, typically...

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