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Making New Product at Other Country

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Introduction of JDB Group

JDB Group is a Chinese manufacturer of nonalcoholic beverages; these include the red-canned herbal drink, Wong Lo Kat and other tea ranges. JDB was founded by Hong Kong businessman Chan Hung-to in Guangzhou in 1995 after he acquired the licensing rights to Wong Lo Kat, an herbal tea brand established in Guangzhou more than 150 years ago.
The herbal tea is popular in southern China. It is made from herbs and is believed to be able to lower internal heat and relieve inflammation. With a sharp business sense, Chan positioned Wong Lo Kat as a healthy, mass market soft drink and packaged it in eye-catching red aluminum cans emblazoned with bold golden Chinese characters.
The company also built large production lines and established a widespread sales network through supermarkets, grocery stores and restaurants in Guangdong.
The efforts paid off as annual sales of Wong Lo Kat grew rapidly to reach 100 million Yuan in 2000. From 2003, the company started to expand beyond Guangdong. It built plants in Beijing, Zhejiang and Fujian, and invested heavily in marketing and television advertising, making the sweet-tasting beverage known across the country. Sales shot up to 600 million Yuan in 2003.
Four years later, JDB surpassed Coca-Cola as the biggest seller of canned drinks on the mainland, with annual sales of 17 billion Yuan, according to statistics from the China Industrial Information Issuing Centre.

Introduction of America

United States of America is from the Atlantic to the Pacific, America area after Russia, Canada and the People's Republic of China, ranking fourth. Its territory also includes the edge of the Arctic in Alaska and Hawaii in the Pacific equatorial region. America area is 4,500 km from east to west, north-south width of 2700 km coastline of 22,680 kilometers. Continental climate in most parts of the

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