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Managing Business Strategy


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1) Executive Summary 2 2) Introduction 3
History & Background 3 3) Situational Analysis 3 Vision Statement 3 Mission Statement 4 4) Environment Analysis 5 PESTEL Analysis 5 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis 9 SWOT Analysis 11 5) Focus Strategy 13 6) Grand Strategy 13
Expansion 13
Related Diversification 13

7) Conclusion 13 8) References 14

1.0 Executive Summary

Business Strategy is the direction and future goal set for a business to achieve the competitive advantages which unique tailored with the available resources within an organization to the rapidly changing environment to achieved their objective. (Johnson & Scholes, 2002)

More precisely the strategy involved in the following finding:

* Identify the external environmental that give impact to an industry * Identify the internal environment that gives impact on competition and profitability * Evaluate the new opportunity from current and new market * Assess the industry life cycle and forecast future changes in industry * Identify Critical Success Factors

This paper report transcript the introduction of the company Atlantic Zeiser (the numbering machine company in the old days) and its subsidiary operation in ASEAN. The report follows by the analysis of its situation analysis and critic the Vision and Mission set by the company. At the environmental analysis, PESTEL analysis explains how the external environmental factors affect the business. The competitive advantage analysis using Porter’s Five Forces and internal environmental factors finding the company SWOT analysis. Last but not

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