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Marita's Bargain By Malcolm Gladwell

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In the essay, Marita’s Bargain, composed by Malcolm Gladwell, he helps us understand why longer class periods are beneficial for students. Let’s take in consideration how class long classes typically last, for the most part these classes last 55 minutes. Subtract 10 minutes used for setting up materials needed and putting them away. That leaves 45 minutes that should be filled with education, if the teacher has a sort of warm-up activity students to then subtract 10 minutes (5 where the students attempt to do it & 5 where the teacher explains and answers questions.) 35 minutes are left for actual learning time. 55 minutes are being squeezed into 35 minutes. How can that be? “Extra time allows for a more relaxed atmosphere” (10), with more time

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...A wave of frustration and sadness and anger and perseverance rush over you in a swarm of emotions. The two author Malcolm Gladwell and Annie John describe the obstacles two characters overcome to accomplish their personal goals. ”Marita is the main character of “marita’s bargain” and is troubled by the rigor of her middle school KIPP academy. Annie is the main character of a “walk to the jetty” who is completely frustrated with the familiarity of her home life so much so that she wishes to move to a foreign country and train to become a nurse. Even though she is not the slightest bit interested in actually pursuing the profession. Inevitably, it all comes down to whether or not it is really worth it. Marita’s sacrifices may have been hard but they were actually very much worth the risks. The narrator states that “84 percent” of KIPP students perform at or above their mathematics level(Gladwell 380-381). In this...

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...Gladwell, Malcolm. “Marita’s Bargain.” Collections, 12 ed., 2010. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2015. pp. 3-14. The author informs us that KIPP schools are known for encouraging discipline and good work ethic on elementary students that don’t have the advantage of good income or both parents. The protocol “SSLANT” is used as a friendly tactic to get kids to learn and collect information effectively. Single-parents with a low income should consider placing their children into a KIPP school. The more light that is shed on these schools the higher chance of parents enrolling their kids into these schools. The life of a 12 year old is not easy nor is it normal for them. Historian Kenneth Gold pointed out that educational reformers expected students...

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Video Analysis: Hard Work Pays Off that look for those aiming to go to that career and are fully educated on that specific topic. Once you get the job do not stop working hard. As a matter of fact, keep working even harder to get into a higher position it is best not to languish now. Those that go above and beyond the line of duty in their work are the ones who work extra hard and use their skills to impress others. Those who go above and beyond constantly study and do things they know is needed to be someone in the future. They must be willing to work even more hours than needed and should do anything needed to help the company out. Those who actually do, do good in school sometimes join summer classes to educate themselves even more. In the book “Marita’s Bargain” by Malcolm Gladwell, he says summer vacation is what ruins those student’s learning. Think about it those who really do want to achieve a goal will sacrifice summer vacation to work hard. Now, getting to the top isn’t determined by “leather bound books and ink on paper, but rather the passion that [those] have found out of heartbreak and anger.”, as Patrick Miranda lead singer of Movements would say. Sometimes being diligent doesn’t mean it is because you want to, but rather to prove those who doubted you wrong. Sometimes anger can help you work hard. The student’s sometimes tend to give up after hearing a family member doubt them they feel derelict. Those who are doubted and do not like it try their best to prove them wrong by working hard...

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