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Marketing Business Plan

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Van’s Bookkeeping

Marketing Plan

14376 S. Othello St.
Seattle, WA 98118
Phone: 206-446-7890
Web Site:

Contact: Van Nguyen

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 4

Marketing Objectives 4 Goods or Services 4 Resources Needed 3 Projected Outcomes 3

Company Description 3

Strategic Focus and Plan 3

Mission/Vision 3 Goals 3 Core Competency 3

Situation Analysis 3

Internal Focus 3 External Focus 3 Industry Analysis/Trends 3 Competitor Analysis 3 Company Analysis 3 Customer Analysis 3 SWOT Analysis Summary 3

Market – Product Focus 3

Marketing and Product Objectives 3 Target Markets 3 Points of Difference 3 Positioning 3

Marketing Program 3

Product and Product Strategy 3 Price 3 Promotion 3 Place 3

Data and Projections 3

Sales Forecasting Methods Used 3 Sales Data 3 Costs 3 Financial Projections 3 Financial Information Systems Needs 3

Organization 3

Implementation Plan 3

People Required 3 Manufacturing, Financial and Other Resources Needed 3 Timing 3

Evaluation and Control 3

Marketing Information Systems Needed 3 Criterion Measures with Objectives 3

Appendix A: Biographical Sketches of Key Personnel 3

Appendix B: Support Material 3

Executive Summary

Van’s Bookkeeping will provide dependable and quality services for payroll, personal & business taxes, and prepare financial statements to small and home businesses, as well as individuals in the King County of Washington State. The owner, Van Nguyen, has extensive business experience; over 12 years’ experience in the bookkeeping field. Since 2001 she has been focusing in the accounting business, working for Charlie’s Income Tax Services. Van is currently taking...

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