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I chose GoPro as my firm to conduct research on. GoPro operates in the Photographic Equipment and Supplies Industry. More specifically, GoPro is a part of the “Action Sports” Industry. They produce both high-end personal cameras as well as various forms of mounting equipment to compliment them. As of 2014, GoPro has around 870 employees. The firm has Revenue of $985.73 million and a profit of $60.6 million. The GoPro has 3 main product lines. Those Product lines are their cameras, accessories, and a video editing software. 9 other products are on the market that are considered to be competitor’s of GoPro: * Sony HDR-AS10, HDR-AS15 and HDR-AS30V * Garmin VIRB * DRIFT Ghost-S * Xiaomi's YiCamera * Panasonic HX-A500E * Toshiba Camileo X-Sports * Polaroid Cube * Ricoh WG-M1 * TomTom Bandit

Swot Analysis


* Brand Name * Innovation * Quality * Technology * Versatility * High Perceived Value


* Price (Expensive) * Lack of G


* Network Marketing (Built in Wi-Fi) * Alternative for filmmakers (smaller, easier to handle) * Emerging Markets


* Competition * Rising electronic prices

Opportunity statement: GoPro has an opportunity to expand their market potential by entering the film industry as an alternative to larger cameras, as well as entering more consumer markets around the world.


Consumer Electronics: Trends and Analysis. Retrieved September 4, 2015, from

Shooting with GoPro's Hero4 Black will make you feel like a pro filmmaker. Retrieved September 5, 2015, from

Industry Trend Analysis - GoPro:

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